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Now the Story Can be Told - 1949 WECo 500 Set

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Dan - It was so great that you were the guy to identify and buy it.  You did an awesome job on the restoration and involving the entire forum in the process.  The best thread on this forum in many ways, in my opinion.  For me a nice black 500 will always be my favorite - it is awesome to have the beginning of the 500 story with your field trial set.  :)

Right now as I write this I can see the phone in it's cabinet across the room. It just never gets old. I love opening the cabinet just to spin the dial.
I was very lucky to be the one to receive this wonderful phone.
I'm still going through the old files on the book that myself and Bwanna had started.


Wow!  Is it dated?  If not, this is probably one of the 1948 prototypes!  Priceless!

The phone has no dates anywhere. In fact all of the components so far I have not seen duplicates of any of them. The entire phone does however match part for part of the original WE patent drawings dated 1947-1949. I tried to find the spot where the original patent drawings are with dates. I couldn't find them. Paul has some on his site but not dated copies.



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