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Now the Story Can be Told - 1949 WECo 500 Set

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D/P, I really really hope that this is what you're looking for. 

Dennis Markham:

I was the bidder that bid $222.22.  I did  not see this post prior to the end of the auction, in fact not until now (8:49 AM on Sunday morning).  I was alerted to this item over 24 hours before it ended.  Not for the rare dial bezel but because of the rare, early chassis.  I was alerted by another collector about the auction and not as a result of your post here on the forum.  I noticed the Z/O on the dial bezel from the lousy photo.
I knew by the ebay feedback number that an experienced bidder had bid, but of course didn't know it was you. But I still would have bid.  Had I  known that you had bid $500 I would not have because I wasn't going to bid that high.  

So based on your posting here, I take it you are the owner of that chassis?  Congratulations.  The only thing that stood between you getting it for $15.50 and $224 was me.    Had I known the story ahead of time I would have saved myself the trouble and you $200.  I never saw the $500 bid as I didn't log on to snipe it at the end until a few minutes before it ended.  By that time it was still $15.50.

We all look forward to plenty of photos about this unusual item.  I think Paul Fassbender would love photos as well.


Wait a minute...let me think about this.  YOU were the only one thing that stood in the way of me getting it for $15.50! :)

Jorge (and others), here is the auction:

Doug Rose:
D/P ....outstanding find!!! I have never see a 49 500 set, so I am hoping you will be able to show it to us....good luck, I think it was a great gamble....Doug

Interesting to see the auction page.  Had I known about this phone I would have been in the running as a 49' or prototype 500 is high on my wishlist.  I think it's easily worth a grand.  Clearly the seller had no idea what it was, they seemed to think it was just a junker, crappy pics, no mention of date codes or even that it's a model 500.

Glad it not only went to a collector who knows what it is, but to D/P who will really treat it right.

Dennis Markham:
McHeath, I was also glad that the seller did not sell it under the table to a "vulture" who may not have seen it.  Perhaps there were no inquiries to the like.  As Dan said, over 130 people viewed the auction.  That's not a terrible lot, but a good amount.


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