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swirl topic search 9/9/2020
« on: September 09, 2020, 03:50:36 PM »
I searched 'swirl' on the forum and sorted thru the hits to make myself a shortcut list of relevant threads.
please make comments to the relevant  thread.this is a locked topic
Discussion is here:

Please PM me with  additions to this list

My pink swirl (yellow/red) and the reason I started the search. photos of my swirls

my Multi-color swirl Kellogg itt set

Duffy's swirled brown slenderette

Duffy's Avocado green and beige swirl handset.

Volvoguy's ae Swirly potted network and other misc. swirl parts

My swirled black/white 500 housing original topic

Dusty photos of my swirl collection 12/09

red/white 1955 500 original topic

Socotel Phone Germany red/grey:

Duffy's AEL Microtel (AE80) clear with opaque swirl

My orange/white wall slenderette

swirl slenderette ads

grey/white slenderette

Pourme's green 10 button w/ slight swirl handset

E 40 handset variation of swirl finish

one of my green white slenderettes

we red,yellow,blue swirl trimlines, final run before breakup  article

compubit's official color swirl slenderettes

red/white Fe tap 791

my swirl princess phones also  clear and imperial princess

att international touchmatic clear beige swirl also clear buttsets

mini trimline clock

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