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Of course I am always interested in trading or selling.

1 Automatic Electric 802 1959

2 WE 202 WIth AE Mini network Internal

3 AE?GTE STarlite with Pulse Pad

4 & 5 Mexican GTE Starlite with illuminated dial

6 Wooden Google Voice  FrankenPhone made from old subset box. Purchased on ebay and modded further replaced ringer with original type bell from early 1900s that mounted in existing holes, brassed out hardware, added internal Obi200 ATA , DialGizmo and ring booster (to ring old bell vigorously). Connects via a single Ethernet connection with POE. Is programmed for Google Voice and/or SIP accounts.

1 AE  43

2 & 3 Spanish ITT Gondola with custom red dial illumination (only added LED and bridge rectifier) AKA Satan Phone

4  WE Exter (?)

5 WE 307 with AE Dial (yes I proudly made it a Frankephone)

6 Italian Automatic Electric Starlite (sorry dial was replaced with AE USA counterpart).

1 Mexican Indetel  (these were sold as "ITT Own A Phone - Viva" in USA). This had a Touch pulse pad that was replaced with an SC35A1 while preserving the original white buttons.

2 WE Princess TT

3 Man I want a Chocolate Donut!

4 AE Styleline , Beige

5 Ericsson de Mexico

6 Litton Princess (note the shell lacks the front ridge and plungers are beige)

1 Litton BTS Princess (second Pic)

2 Stromberg Carlson Orange Trimline (or whatever SC calls them)

3  WE Trimline rotary

4 WE Trimline

5 Telcer BoboPhone (italian)

6 A tisket a tasket a Western Electric Yellow Basket. This phone was so discolored I almost threw  away the plastic.

On this set these have most all been sold or traded in the last few years.


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