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What Made You Start Collecting Telephones?

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Not what, but who ... Dennis Markham.  ;D ;D ;D ;D

Dennis Markham:
Jorge, you can't blame me.  It was within you all the time.  Maybe I just helped bring it to the surface! :)


I know. But it was not until I browsed your site that I knew that phones came in many colors, other than red, black and beige. Then I wanted to have one of each, then one AE, then two, ......


--- Quote from: JorgeAmely on June 06, 2010, 11:03:50 PM --- Then I wanted to have one of each, then one AE, then two, ......

--- End quote ---

And now you have all the AE colors that AE80's and 90's were available in.

Time to start on AE Stylelines...there are approximately 20 Styleline colors. I am only missing one or maybe two Styleline colors......


My interests are strange convergence of old-school and high-tech.   I have always been a bit of a techno-geek, but simultaneously a history buff and antique collector.  My parents got me started collecting various things as a hobby when I was a kid.  About 12 years ago, I learned the basics of low-voltage systems cabling for my work as an IT technician.  I later went to work for a company where telephone systems were part of the IT department's responsibility, so I got into more detail on the voice side.  

I work in IT management now, so I don't get my hands dirty as often, but I still tinker with the voice stuff from time to time.  The younger technicians don't like to touch telephone cabling for some reason -- but there is nothing better for stress relief than punching down a 50-pair cable.  Thanks to the rise of VoIP, there aren't many opportunities to do that anymore.  

About a year ago, I got the bug to find some old rotary phones to tinker around with and use around the house.  I got a 1948 WE302 as a gift, and picked up a couple on eBay.  I did a lot of reading on the Bell System memorial page, Dennis Markham's site, and others -- and began to acquire and work on restoring a number of other phones.

Thanks to a tolerant wife, a plentiful supply of Novus 2, some short spans of free time between work and family, and the friendly and knowledgeable folks on this forum, collecting and restoring phones has turned into a wonderful and relaxing hobby for me.  There just is no greater thrill than finding some quirky old wreck of a phone for a few bucks and bringing it back to life.    I've even started a tradition that once a week, I pick one of the working phones out of my collection and call a family member or friend that I haven't talked to in a while.  Some of them even start the conversation by saying "So which phone are we talking on now?"

Other than the disturbing fact that my 5 year-old can tell the difference between an E1, F1, G1, and G3 handset -- I'll just sum up by saying that this whole phone hobby is a heck of a lot of fun.


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