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What can you guys tell me about this?

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pictured is a find of a fellow dealer. i am not familiar with this maker. looks like an intercom set to me. ..any input appreciated.. it is missing the bottom plate.& the cloth cords are a little frayed, otherwise, looks to be in nice condition.

thank you very much! :)

I would say from looking at the photos it's an intercom, but I have no information about it.

shoot, were the one i was counting on to be "in the know"... ;) why do ya think there are 2 line is 2conductor ...the other 3conductor.... ???

Long before this phone came out, wasn't Edwards a player in the little apartment intercom thingies?  Like the little brass Couch intercoms?  I know I've seen that name on equipment before, and I think that was where.

I think that all they made was intercoms. They made a nice looking handset to go with them. Here is a link to Paul's site -- > <


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