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What is this little thing and how much do they usually sell for?

Size: 4 1/2" long and 4" wide and 2 1/4" high


Dennis Markham:
Looks like one of those Salesman Samples they talk about.  That one has white letters/numbers.  It looks like maybe Light Gray or Rose Beige.  Yesterday a collector on the TCI sold two of the for $28 each.  They sold within minutes of him listing them on the TCI list serve.  Clean it up and put it on eBay and it could go for higher.  We were just talking about those yesterday.  I think a couple of guys, including Jonathan have the entire set of early soft plastic colors.

Thanks Dennis

So if I bought this one for $21.71 it would be a good price?

The color is gray.


Dennis Markham:
Compared to the one that sold for $28, yes.  I don't know what the condition of that one was.  Will there be one cheaper someday on eBay?  Maybe.  I guess it's worth what someone is willing to pay.  If you spend $21.71 then it's worth that much.  How's that for a non-committal answer?

Interesting to see it has no 'Operator' text of any kind around the zero.  :o


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