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My first Dictograph

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Greg G.:
An early 50s Dictograph.  I liked the wooden box, that's what attracted me to it.  Found it at a second hand store that I'd never noticed before.  The kind that I like, stuffed to the rafters with all kinds of stuff.  At $25, it wasn't a budget buster.  A little Howard's will make it look a lot nicer.

I think it was used in a medical setting by the one switch that says "Supt. Med.", plus "Thieme" is a medical publishing company.  Immediately, a scene from one of my favorite movies came to mind, I pictured Jack Nicholson saying "Medication time!  Medication time!" and some bimbo singing "Row, row, row your boat..."

Greg G.:
One more pic of the insides.

Bb: make it work thus -

Disconnect the wires from +/- on the RING key, attached a standard line cord using the 2 wires for RX/TX, then when you lift the handset you get nothing, but when you flick the switch down...

I also attached a GPO warbler/buzzer in parallel across the +/- screws, then you dial in it buzzes, and stops when you lift the handset and depress the key.

The original gubbins run off 12V I think, later sets have lamp indicators behind the lables, probably also 12V, but I've not got round to testing yet.


Bb, I've had a thought.

Take one of the blanks out to your local engraver and get "NRS RATCHETT" on it...

Greg G.:
I think I'm correct in guessing it had a medical connection.  "Thieme" is the name of a medical publisher:, and "Baily" is either a medical manufacturer, medical insurance company, or a medical center, I'm not sure which.  My guess is this may have been used in a medical distributor's warehouse.  But then, none of the warehouses I've ever worked in had a receptionist (RECPT), so perhaps it was used in a hospital.


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