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a brace of Dictographs


Weird, non directing pair, I was going to give up but decided to press on to 10 quid for the pair, the other bidders backed off, so mine for 8.50 - nice, now the line cords will probably cost as much...

Methinks you have a new obsession. ;)

Well, since I figured out how to wire 'em up... ;)

These are really delightful mini- Dictographs, 7 1/2" wide by 5 1/2" at the base and 6" tall.

With the later plastic handsets, like dial-up Dictomatic, in fact the dial-up one came with its with what seems to be a blistered spot, like it had been burned by something, so I can swap one of these on it.

I emailed the seller at payment requesting how to pack them handsets separate and not on the cradles, and they did a sterling job everything was bubble-wrapped and packed in the box with a weeks worth of newspaper, I'd recommend you stipulate this to any seller.

Now to spend more money on linecords...


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