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Lets see your 5302's guys and gals

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Kenny C:
We saw your aquas so now lets look at my second favorite odel of phone the 5302. I will start this off. mine is 1959

Doug Rose:
I have been told that my 5302 is not real from members in the ATCA. I bought this at a Flea Market just outside of Worcester MA about 20 miles from Framingham where I live. Even had a Worcester dial card. This is very cool looking phone, whether it is real or cobbled. Being bought at a Flea market does give it some credence as real, but who knows....Happy Turkey-Day....Doug

Let's call that a 5302A.

As in, "A!  Is that a 5302?!"


Here's my 5302.  Dated 4/59, inside cover dated 5-22-56.  I love the straight handset cord!

Here is mine  ;D

Dennis Markham:
Here's my white one (I posted this in another post a while back).  It's seen better days---it has some minor repaired damage--- but it's white.  The second photos shows it next to a 500.  It's a candidate for the peroxide bath.  Maybe next summer when the sun rises in the sky again.


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