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Left logo HRH The Queen, right is HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, (Queen's hubby).

I shall email the delightful Pippa again...

Dear Pippa...

"Dear Ms. Dutton,

Can you confirm the warrants granted to the above company, probably late 30's to the late 60's?

I enclose two pictures of a loudspeaking unit for telephones which have both HRH The Queen's and HRH The Duke Of Edinburgh's warrants on them.

Also did you uncover anything more about Dictograph or Telephone Rentals (post 1967) since my last inquiry?

Thanks in advance,

Yours Sincerely,

Scot Fergie"

I await with anticipation...

I tried it upstairs on my phone desk - mains hum!


--- Quote from: gpo706 on March 28, 2011, 02:46:11 AM ---I tried it upstairs on my phone desk - mains hum!

--- End quote ---

That's why it works on batteries. :D

It probably predates the widespread use of electronic dictation machines. Anyone senior enough to have a Phonodek probably had a shorthand secretary.

Dude, you telling me I have get a dictation secretary off the bay now?

More expensive than I thought this gadget.  :)


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