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Brand new to forum but long time collector - true dummy collector. I have always had to pay someone else do my wiring and it is now time to learn. Just got a set of 1915ish S.H. Couch intercoms that are complete. They have 3 numbered posts. When I hook 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, and add a battery source to #2 on one set & #1 on the other the bells ring on opposite set when button is smashed - but no voice. Can ya'll assist me in how to wire these? I can send pics if needed. Thanks very much.

pics would be helpful.

And please don't smash the button. It's not the button's fault.  :)

Sorry, Southern boy and we smash or mash buttons - I guess "push" is better understood. No clue how to load pictures but they are available here on my website: under Couch on page 1 under CONTACT US.
I truly appreciate any assistance.

EDIT:  Images added for posterity

This may work:

I can't quite read the Patent Number on the back, but if you take it to, it should tell you everything you need to know. Or is it a Patent Date?



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