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Hello everyone.  just a couple pix my ae50, ae21(which the forum identified) and my original 102.  Thank you all so much for all your help.  My ae 21 is almost done parts were difficult to come by.  I like the brass mouth piece it was black originally.  My ae 50 was a labor of love following Dougs steel wool and avon trick.  And after cleanining the spray paint off my 102 I found that it was in very nice shape hence I only did what had to be done.  I have followed the advice of the forum regarding subsets, each phone has its own now.  I have several 102's, 202's and 634 ringer boxes powdercoated. The ae 21 with the brass mouth piece was powdercoated the before and current pix are posted.  Let me know what you all think so far
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Re: My first projects with all your help. Thank You all
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Good job...

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Re: My first projects with all your help. Thank You all
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That's what I like to see. 2/3 AE and 1/3 everything else :)

I moved you to the Telephone Collection Display area of the Collectors Corner. This way you will now have room to add your NEXT AE sets as well!

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