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Started by TelePlay, January 21, 2017, 03:24:15 AM

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The purpose of this board is to host any photos a member would like to upload, to create an album of photos that can be internally linked to other topics. The intent is to eliminate the need to use external image hosting sites. By creating a personal photo album here, the photos can be linked into topics/post/replies anywhere on the forum allowing images to be imbeded in the text area. This option is useful when a member plans to present a step by step discussion of a repair or restoration and needs to use an image in the text to support the details being presented. This is most useful when uploading images at the bottom of the text area makes the discussion difficult to follow.

There is no need for any other member to reply to images posted on any of these image posts, this is not a discussion area and comments made about posted images will be removed.

Uploading images at the bottom of a topic/post/reply is still better when the images are added in general to the text, not being discussed in detail within the text.

Members are encouraged to "Lock" their image topic to not allow comments being added by other members

One topic per member allows unlimited replies meaning 6 images can be uploaded to the member's forum album per reply. The initial post and 6 more replies would be need to upload 42 images to the album, etc.

NOTE:  Once an image is upload and linked to another topic/post/reply, the image can not be replaced (deleted and  replacement image uploaded), or deleted. If that is done, the topic in which the image was internally linked will no longer display the image. As soon as an image is uploaded to the album, it MUST be a permanent image never to be changed or deleted. This is essential to have this album work forever for internally linked member album images.

If an image is uploaded and not yet linked, it can be deleted with no harm done to any topic on the forum.

To create a personal photo album in this board, simply start a new topic and give it the title "member's Photos" and this will carry through to each and every reply to the topic. Only the member who claims the topic can comment or upload photos to their album. No need for discussion or replies by any other member.

NOTE: Each and every reply created to upload images MUST have at least one character in the text box to create the reply. A blank text box is not allowed by the SMF software. What is put into the text area is the members choice.


when creating a photo album topic, it is possible and highly suggested that multiple replies are also created at that time, for example, 10 replies created at once would raise an "Unread Topic" notice only once but it would also allow the member to add 60 photos to the album without having the topic show up in the "Unread Topic" list. This would allow a member to add photos by using the "modify" option of each existing reply (remember to put at least one character in each reply text box, a consecutive number works).