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Need help with Leich phone
« on: February 21, 2019, 08:18:41 PM »

Well I did it again.  Though I want to concentrate on rotary phones, I wanted two old fashion magneto wall phones to hook to each other ... just to show people what it was like 100 years ago to make a call.

So, I bought one about 2 years ago ...original ... not molested ....I "think" (hope) it works.

So a few weeks ago I found one on Craigslist on the other side of the country (CA).  $100 plus shipping  ... the most I have ever spent on a phone.  It is a plain Jane Leich.  Again, what I liked is that it was original ... not reworked, refinished or anything.

So, I got it in today .... the guy did an awesome packing job (for a change) ... followed my instructions exactly ... it made it with no damage.

Now my problem ... the receiver has issues!

The shell might be usable but the threads have a lot of chips in them.

The coils might be OK (I checked it with my meter, it reads 131 ohms between pin terminals ... 76 ohms between one terminal and the steel body and 55 ohms between the other terminal and the steel body).

It is missing he steel disc.

The cap is completely wrong.  It did not fit the body so someone wrapped tape around the thread to get it to stay on.  Also, it was broken in two and glued back together.

First question, what am I looking for?  The date on the phone is 1919 or 1929 (someone can tell me which) thus the name on the back of the shell is Leich Electric Co  ... which is correct.

I saw a complete receiver from Old Phone Shop  ... $75  OUCH!  but I don't think it is correct for my phone.  The picture shows "Cracraft-Leich Electric Co".  This I think is too early for my phone ... I think the company changed names in 1917.

So what does the correct cap look like and what if anything is written on it.

Plus, any suggestions on where to find one (or at least the cap and disc) for less then $75?

On the other hand ... with the exception of the receiver and cord, the phone looks truly original ... on perfect but complete and in original good condition.

Thanks ... Mike