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Exchange Name Info for 842 in Middletown/Red Bank NJ area

Started by winkydink, November 30, 2011, 02:47:07 PM

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I am trying to find out what the mnemonic was for the 842 exchange in the Middletown / Red Bank  (Monmouth County) NJ area was.

I am trying to print out some custom dial cards for a refurbushed phone but have not been able to discover what the exchange was.

I have for the moment settled on "VIctor 2", but was hoping someone might have knowledge for this area of the country.



Have you looked at the Exchange Name Project database?

Searching on Red Bank or Middletown as the city doesn't offer any for 842 in that area. It says Red Bank is SHadyside, RIver Plaza or REd Bank, which are all 73 or 74. Middletown, NJ is OSborne (67) and MIddletown (64).

Searching on the city is easier than by state since they abbreviate the state two different ways and also spell it out. It would be nice if someone would clean up that data and use standard abbreviations!

Maybe 842 was added later, after exchange names had disappeared? In that case, you can use what you like. You can also see the list of recommended names here...


I think most exchanges added since the mnemonics went away in the mid 1960's do not have names.  In Portland, Oregon, where I grew up, a new exchange was added in about 1968 and our number changed from an ALpine 4 number to just plain 761 and 4 numbers.  As Far as I know, the 761 exchange never had a name as such.

There have been thousands of prefixes added since the names went away.
-Bill G


842 in Red Bank never had a mnemonic.  Check out the link below for EXchange names around 1960. This is kind of neat since it leads us to assume the whole state was still 201:


Quote from: DarrenWGaransi on November 30, 2011, 08:10:57 PM
842 in Red Bank never had a mnemonic.  Check out the link below for EXchange names around 1960. This is kind of neat since it leads us to assume the whole state was still 201:

That is actually a great link.  I will make sure I book mark and also make a hard copy, as I do have a number of people I know from NJ.

I am not sure the whole state was 201 in 1960.  I think the northern half was 201 and the southern half was 609.

Thanks for all the information.  I will go with VIctor 2 as the exchange for my dial card.


Speaking of dial cards, here is a sample of the output from a program I wrote to produce custom dial cards.

I have photoshoped out the last 4 digits from the pictures, but those would be centered below the mnemonic exchanges.  I printed this out on photo paper since that method gave me the deepest darkest blacks.  It did not look nearly as good when I printed on cardboard or "card" paper.

Note that I am also using another "made up" exchange EZra to represent "30".  I realized early on that Bell did not use Zero for any of it's mnemonics.  For the friends that have a zero as a second digit, I made sure that their phones had the dial face plate with a "Z" at the number Zero

When I get a chance, I will clean up the program and try to post it to this forum, so others can produce custom dial cards.


Very Nice! Thanks for posting it and I look forward to trying it out!
Harry Smith
ATCA 4434

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there is only
do or do not"


That list looks great from a life long Jersey boy. Matawan for example had only one exchange for years LOwell (566) 583 was added a long time ago but after exchange names had dissapeared.

I love that program Winky, i'll have to figure one out for my exchange (903) lol.


There is some data out there that shows that 201 was split in either 1958 or around 1962.  When area codes were created, 201, the first area code assigned in the original numbering plan for North America, covered the whole state.  I remember growing up with 201 and 609.  Around here in Central NJ, the border for the two codes was all over the place, in fact, I remember being able to call Englishtown (201-446) from Hightstown (609-448) without having to dial the area code at all.  This was a local call.  Around 1990, the southern end of 201 became 908.  Currently, our state is up to 9 area codes!  We are the 4th smallest state, yet the most densly populated.


Below is something that may be interesting--the list of exchanges in New Jersey from the 1951 booklet when direct distance dialing was first developed. I've saved this for a long time after I found it on the internet one day. I think Englewood, New Jersey was where DDD was first available. The list also included all the exchanges in New York City at the time. I can post that too if you like.

New Jersey Dialing Area

ALlendale-1      ENglewood (*)      MEtuchen-6      ROselle-4
ARmory-4         ESsex (*)          MIllburn-6      RUtherford (*)
BEllville-2      FAir-lawn (*)      MIllington-7    SAddle-river-1
BErgen (*)       FAnwood-2          MIlltown-8      SHerwood-2
BErnardsville-8  FEderal-9          MItchell (*)    SHort-hills-7
BIgelow (*)      FOrt-lee-8         MOnmouth-jct-7  SOmerville-8
BLoomfield-2     GLen-ridge (*)     MOntclair (*)   SOuth-amboy-1
BOnton-8         GRegory-3          MOrristown-4    SOuth-orange (*)
BOund-brook-9    HArrison-6         MOrsemere-6     SOuth-river-6
BUtler-9         HAsbrouck-hts-8    MOuntain-view-8 SUmmit-6
CAldwell-6       HAwthorne-7        MOunt-freedom-5 TEaneck (*)
CArteret (*)     HEmlock-6          MUlberry (*)    TElco-4
CHarter (*)      HEnderson (*)      NEshanic-4      TErhune-5
CHatham-4        HOboken (*)        NEwfoundland-9  TRinity-8 (Time Bureau)
CHestnut-5       HUbbard (*)        NUtley-2        UNion (*)
CLiffside-6      HUmboldt (*)       OAkland-8       UNionville-2
CLoster-5        JAmesburg-1        ORadell-8       VErona-8
CRagmere-8       JOurnal-square (*) ORange (*)      WAverly (*)
CRanford-6       KEarny (*)         PArk-ridge-6    WEather-6
DElaware (*)     KIlmer-5           PErth-amboy-4   WEst-milford-4
DIamond (*)      LAmbert (*)        PLainfield (*)  WEstfield-2
DOver-6          LEonia-4           POmpton-lakes-7 WEstwood-5
DUmont (*)       LInden (*)         PRescot (*)     WHippany-8
DUnellen-2       LIttle-falls-4     RAhway-7        WOodbridge-8
EAst-millstone-8 LIvingston-6       RAmsey-9        WYckoff-4
EDison-8         MAdison-6          RIdgewood-6
ELizabeth (*)    MArket (*)         ROckaway-9

                  (*) Name used for two or more central offices


Would this be a list of exchanges in New Jersey that were local calls from New York City? Assuming that there are lots of NJ exchanges that are local (toll free) calls with NYC.

There are only 83 and 87 Exchanges listed here, no 842 exchange so that must be elsewhere in NJ.



I'm thinking they were points that could be direct dialed in 1951 from Englewood, NJ because the subject of the newsgroup post back in 1996 was "Englewood NJ 1951 Customer Long Distance Dialing." They weren't local calls like we have now with expanded area service. In those days anything that wasn't local to your city and surrounding area was long distance. The Englewood folks were just lucky enough to be able to dial these places long distance in 1951 instead of have the operator assist.

I'm sure there were lots more exchanges in NJ that were not available, for whatever reason. Like those with 2L5N and those with no exchange prefix at all. A lot of exchanges were added or changed after 1951 too.

I'm not sure if NYC could call anywhere in NJ as a local call then. Below are the NYC exchanges from 1951, and they are some of my favorites of all time, since many of them are specific to NYC. I don't know what "Area Code 11" means. Maybe that's what it was before 212?

New York City                             AREA CODE 11

ACademy-2         ELdorado-5       LEhigh (*)         SHeepshead-3
ADirondack-4      ENdicott-2       LExington-2        SHore-road (*)
ALgonquin (*)     ENright-9        LIggett-4          SLocum-6
APplegate-7       ESplanade (*)    LOngacre (*)       SOuth-8
AStoria (*)       EVergreen (*)    LOrraine (*)       SPring-7
ATwater-9         EXchange (*)     LUdlow (*)         STagg-2
AUdubon (*)       EXeter-2         LUxemburg-2        STerling (*)
AXtel-7           FAirbanks (*)    MAin (*)           SUsquehanna-7
BArclay-7         FAr-rockaway-7   MElrose-5          TAlmadge (*)
BAyside (*)       FIeldstone (*)   MIchigan-2         TAylor-7
BEachview (*)     FIllmore-8       MOnument (*)       TEmpleton-8
BEckman-3         FLushing (*)     MOtt-haven (*)     TErrace-6
BElle-harbor-5    FOrdham (*)      MUrray-hill (*)    TIvoli-2
BEnsonhurst-6     FOundation-8     NAvarre-8          TOmpkins (*)
BOulevard (*)     GEdney (*)       NEptune-4          TOllenville-8
BOwling-green-9   GIbraltar (*)    NEvins-8           TRafalgar (*)
BRyant-9          GLenmore (*)     NEwtown-9          TRemont (*)
BUckminster (*)   GRamercy (*)     NIghtingale (*)    TRiangle-5
BUtterfield-8     HAnover-2        OLinville (*)      TUrnbull-7
CAnal (*)         HAvemeyer (*)    OLympia (*)        TWining (*)
CHelsea (*)       HEgeman-3        ORchard-4          TYrone (*)
CHickering-4      HIckory-6        ORegon (*)         ULster (*)
CIrcle (*)        HOllis (*)       PEnnsylvania-6     UNderhill-3
CIty-island-8     HOneywood-6      PLaza (*)          UNiversity (*)
CLoverdale (*)    HYacinth (*)     PResident (*)      VAnderbilt-6
COlumbus-5        ILlinois (*)     RAvenswood (*)     VIrginia (*)
COney-island-6    INdependence-3   REctor-2           WAdsworth (*)
COurtlandt-7      INgersoll (*)    REgent (*)         WAlker-5
CYpress (*)       JAmaica (*)      REpublic-9         WAshington-heights-7
DAvenport-6       JErome (*)       RHinelander-4      WAtkins (*)
DAyton (*)        JUdson (*)       RIverside-9        WHitehall (*)
DEwey (*)         KIlpatrick-2     SAcramento-2       WIlliams-2
DIckens (*)       KIngsbridge (*)  SAint-george-7     WIsconsin-7
DIgby (*)         LAckawanna-4     SChuyler-4         WOrth (*)
DOngan-hills-6    LAurelton (*)    SEdgwick-3         YEllowstone-2



Ironically, there's 842 on the NYC list. TIvoli 2.

Area Code 11 is probably the Intertoll code operators had been using to route LD calls to  NYC's Toll switch prior to the new DDD Area Codes.




Quote from: liteamorn on December 01, 2011, 08:34:16 AM
That list looks great from a life long Jersey boy. Matawan for example had only one exchange for years LOwell (566) 583 was added a long time ago but after exchange names had disappeared.

I was born and raised in Morganville (and am moving back next week) and as a kid EVERONE I know in Matawan had and still has 566.  When a piece of Matawan became Aberdeen was when I think 583 came into being.  I am moving into my moms house who passed away in August and we have the same number I had when we first moved in (591).  Do you still live in the area?