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Flea Market Finds

Started by Doug Rose, September 07, 2015, 10:54:39 AM

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Doug Rose

Jan and I went to Maine yesterday to see her Dad. We stopped at our two favorite flea markets on the way. Got up like it was a work day and we were at at Todd Farm at 5:45 AM. We found TWO Ivory 302s and a beautiful working Victrola in amazing condition. We had a yard sale on Saturday and all the profits were turned into what you see. We made $252 dollars and spent the same amount on what you see.....Doug


Great find, Doug! You must love living in just about the oldest section of the country!

Is that a seamless handset under the 'patch quilt' 302 in the back??? Maybe a color 302 or '37 model??
Christian Petterson

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You lucky dog!  What kind of phone is the manual in the center?
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Quote from: cloyd on September 08, 2015, 02:34:13 PM
You lucky dog!  What kind of phone is the manual in the center?

That looks to be a Leich 70, or one of its close brothers only with different circuits. Probably early 1940s, because it already has the newer style handset.

Doug Rose

Karl is right it is an old Leich manual set with a great original dial card

Christian...not a seamless F1 and loads of damage under the exceptionally bad paint. I kept the dial, the base, the cloth cord and the elements. The rest went in this morning trash pickup...Doug