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Replying to Private Messages

Started by Dennis Markham, October 10, 2014, 12:29:49 PM

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Dennis Markham


On many occasions I receive personal (private) messages through the Forum messaging system that were not intended for me.

When reading a personal message that arrives in one's e-mail In-box (as opposed to reading it after logging in to the Forum),  at the bottom of the message it will say to click the link to reply.  If instead someone clicks the "Reply" button on their e-mail client the message will not go to the person intended but instead come to me, the Administrator.

So this is just a reminder to everyone. Click the link at the bottom of the personal message you receive if you intend to reply.  Or, contact the person using their e-mail address instead of using the system.  It's not an inconvenience on my end but I may get a message that you didn't want to share (with me).

I normally contact the sender and let them know their message went to me instead of the intended recipient.  However if I get messages sent by the same person time after time, I just delete them. 


I am wondering if the return email address that the forum software uses to send the personal message notification can be an email address that would bounce back with instructions to go back and send it through the BB if they replied directly.

A second alternative is to see if the software has an option to not duplicate the message in the email notification.  Just let them know that they have to go to the forum to see and reply to the message.

A third would to not give the user the option to get an email notice.

You know I have blindly replied many times to the notification email by accident, and you have always been very pleasant about it.  Seems to me you should not have to be bothered by that sort of thing, but may require something to keep us from falling in the trap.  It is a pretty easy trap to fall into.
-Bill G

Dennis Markham

I agree, Bill (easy trap to fall into).  I will look at the Forum configurations and see if the third option is the first, most simple option.  The other two suggestions may require some code changes that may or may not be possible since it is a pre-written software package.  I'll have to ask Dave, our web guru if there's something he can do.

However, I like getting the personal messages in my e-mail.  I usually see that first and do not have to wait to log into the Forum to see my messages.  But I can live without it.

I'll poke around and take a look.  I'll hold off making any changes right away (if changes can be made).


I'll admit I did that when I first joined.

Sorry 'bout that

Dennis Markham

No apology needed.  I just want to remind everyone so that they don't share personal messages not intended for me, with me.

Quote from: tallguy58 on October 10, 2014, 11:03:01 PM
I'll admit I did that when I first joined.

Sorry 'bout that


Greg Sargeant
Providence, RI
TCI /ATCA #4409


Been there, Done that! I usually realize almost instantly what I just did and then I have to PM Dennis apologizing.

Then Dennis gets into a bidding war with whomever I was trying to sell something to and all is good! (Just kidding of course)

We had NO emails sent for quite awhile due to some other problem on the forum which most agreed wasn't ideal so we don't want to go there again but maybe some of Bills ideas would work.


Dennis Markham

Another reminder everyone..........

Lately I've been getting a lot of replies to personal messages in my e-mail.  Remember to click the link at the bottom of the personal message to reply to a message or else the Administrator (Me) gets the message.




Me too. Sorry for the extra work.
My issue communicating directly with other members through the forum is that some functions like attachments and spelling (a big challenge with me) is not available. Also I'm a bit confused when to use PM or the Email through the forum. For me, using direct Email works best. I usually a check a members' profile to see if they made their Email address available. A lot of members don't. I assume that's for privacy reasons. Matter of fact most profiles are very minimum.
Dennis, you do a great job. Thanks, John DeJonge