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Decorator and Novelty Phones

Started by DavePEI, February 27, 2014, 06:28:13 AM

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This area is designed for discussions about Decorator and Design Line phones as defined below. It is not for discussions about "Novelty" phones or those manufactured outside North America = those will belong in the Novelty Phones child board. These suitable in the root category here include the following phones:

Design Line:

NT Imagine Series:



We should expand this to include phones such as Automatic Electric's Linear and Linear II phones made at the latter end of the time range.

In addition to those, also products by ATC/DecoTel, Paul Nelson Industries, U.S. Telephone, Telemania, Thomas Collector Editions, and Mutual. 

Many of these, other than the NT and Automatic Electrics, were made by other companies and sold through the Telephone stores with innards provided by the telephone company. Some were sold by distributors to retailers or mail order shops.With Design Line phones, you bought the case, and leased the innards from the phone store. When you were done with the phone until deregulation, you were expected to turn the innards in to your telephone company and keep the case.

The above sites are part of Paul-F's "Old Telephones as Entertainment" site, and will provide a good tutorial on the phones we discuss here in this area. This is not an attempt to duplicate what Paul has there, just to provide a space where these phones may me discussed, where questions about them may be posted, etc.

This was not the case with the Automatic Electric Linear or the NT Imagine Series. You bought or leased them outright, case and innards included.

While I do not actively collect these later phones, I do have a few examples in the museum to interest the children: a Mickey Mouse Phone, ATC Chest Phone, Cradle Phone, Sculptura, Contempras, Dawn, Doodle, Rendezvous , Linear II, and a recently purchased AGB Airplane Phone. They are an area more and more people are collecting now.

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We have added two child boards to this area for Modern "Reproduction" Phones and Modern "Novelty" Phones, and moved the Decorator and Design Line Phones into its own child board to keep the root board free of posts.

These are to be used as follows (and this may change as the area develops):

Decorator and Design Line Phones
- As discussed in the post below. Also will include original European Phones as well, eg. Bobo, KTAS, Kjobenhavns Aktieselskab, Telcer, etc. Reproductions of these, however will be filed  under Modern Reproduction Phones.

Modern "Reproduction" Phones - for discussions about reproduction phones, i.e. modern reproductions of vintage phones. Also would include modern reproductions of European Phones.

Novelty Phones - for discussions about modern toy or novelty phones - by that I mean Novelty phones such as Animals, Beam Decanters, Body Parts (really!), Bottles/Cans/Beer, Brass/Table/Pedestal, Ceramic, Characters, Combo/TV/Radio, Food, Instruments, Marble/Onyx, Commercial Products, Slant Front, Sports, Vehicles, Wood and X-rated as suggested by Paul F. This will provide an area where discussion can take place about these phones.

Just do your best to find a suitable category if posting. If it needs to be moved, we can move it later. Have a look at the posts currently in the area - that may assist you in your choice of area.

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Free Admission - Call (902) 651-2762 to arrange a visit!
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