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For the folks that has interest in 2600 hz Trunks.

Started by Weco355aman, February 18, 2015, 11:55:35 PM

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S F circuit Now working

The C*net number 377-0505 is now back on line,

If not on C*net you can call  PSTN 541-327-4488 this is the same Circuit.

If you like to play with a live SF 2600HZ circuit i've got it now working. If you have 2 C*net lines you can call in and listen to the switchroom (live) and hear the switch and the FX line working.

Listen in line 377-7777 (live)

SF line 377-0505.

When you call the FX line you will recive SXS Dialtone. You can call the following numbers.

377-52xx 55xx 56xx 57xx 58xx 59xx 50xx and S.C. XY 462-61xx 63xx  6199 busy.

or CX 100 lines. 448-2xxx All 377-5x99 numbers are busy. If you want a double ring

377-9901 (payphone out side of C.O. buliding).

ALL good 24 X 7

If you have any troubles you can leave a message at 377-1112 (only reachable from C*net)

If you dont have access you can use the PORTAL 206-203-6610, and after Dialtone dial 1+  377-1112 to reach comment line..

Have fun