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Passing of forum member Key2871

Started by Doug Rose, March 04, 2022, 09:16:54 PM

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Doug Rose

Ken ......key2871 ....was a very active member, posting multiple times daily then abruptly stopped Christmas Eve. I texted him a few weeks ago and got no answer. Anyone know Ken? He is from NH.....Doug

Doug Rose

I got a reply to the Message I sent Ken via the Forum from Ken's wife Jennifer.

Ken passed away Christmas Eve 2021 from complications from Covid.

This is very sad news. Ken was an active member of the Forum and is sorely missed.

I did ask Ken's wife for permission to post her email to me and her email address.

Doug   :'(



Very sad news indeed. I enjoyed following many of Ken's projects, in particular his workshop build.

My condolences to his family.
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If anyone sees a like or other from "Key2871" its Kens wife, me Jennifer. 
A HUGE Thank You to Doug
for this !!!


My condolences also. Ken was a great guy and will be missed.
Harry Smith
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Ken made a difference in the local collecting community, and left many fond memories. 

I had quite a few interesting conversations with Ken over the years. Decades ago while discussing switching topics, he decided I "needed" a shoebox KSU. When I picked up one of his spares, he spent lots of time explaining the crafty wiring he had done, including adding a short cable with AMP connector to make is simple to add keysets for demos. It was in excellent condition and is still on the wall of my shop with several keysets attached and working.

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thats rough.... if memory serves me correctly, I sent him my WE and ITT 2830 series phones that he was looking for. so much for finishing that project.... may he rest in peace....

Doug Rose

Hi Doug this is Jennifer Ken's wife Ken passed away Christmas Eve 2021 it's been very difficult for our boys and I to adjust to his absence I have his phone and I know how much he loved telephones and that he was connected to the classic rotary phone forum and respected his individuality with it as I was not a part of it I have to go through the shed and organize all the telephone pieces and obviously make a decision as what is going to be done with them my brother is a telephone person and said that there is some money to be had with much of Ken stuff not looking to get rich Moore Show to honor Ken's wishes that nothing gets thrown out I would love to connect with someone and have some guidance as to the best steps with this process willing to take pictures and share them I have provided my email below for direct contact to me in case anything happens with this phone and the account and Ken's Gmail I had  for I want to thank you for being a contact and a friend to him as he did not have many within our town but he had many online with paci DB which is an entertainment machine community that he enjoyed connecting with as well as the classic rotary phone I certainly hope this typed out well as I find it most convenient to use voice text and just speak a little slow and clear to avoid any typing mistakes I am unsure of clear punctuation. Etc I hope you find yourself and your family well this Easter I'm sorry I didn't reach out sooner I did not take the time to connect as I still have the roller coaster of emotions trying to connect Within Myself we were together for 14 years as of March 2022 and of course had to celebrate alone forever in my heart and on my mind always missed never forgotten just hurts four times as much as I hurt for myself as his wife the mother to our two sons now we just 13 and 12 and a half and hurting for Ken himself he had contracted covid from our son from school it hit the whole house it hit Ken the hardest I put him in the hospital December 20th and he declined fast perhaps due to some neglect of the hospital care and was intubated on December 24th after being seen in respiratory distress and turning purple and after intubation he coded within 30 minutes they attempted CPR approximately 5 times and in spite of a heartbeat having somewhat of a medical background as a nurse's aide I believe he may have been brain-dead prior to so as his spouse next of kin person present at the hospital I made the decision to stop resuscitation and leave him at peace it obviously hurt very much to be there during that time but I would have it no other way can wouldn't want me to be alone as I knew he did not want to be alone I was able to touch him and hold his hand and in spite of the heartache I thought of him hugging my heart it was more heartbreaking to go home and tell this to our boys and know that they fell apart hoping their father would come home for Christmas sorry for the sappy story just wanted his story to be told thanks for reading.

Jennifer Chase
26 Fir Tree Ln
Ctr. Tuftonboro NH 03816


My word first George (in my town) now Ken! This is terrible news.
My sincere condolences to Kens family, he was a great guy and I am speechless.
There are not many of us that love the key systems as much as Ken did.
I wish we got the chance to meet in person.


I remember him as a very friendly and helpful guy.  I had the occasion to purchase an Ericofon from him.  May he rest in peace, with strength afforded to his family.
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Dennis Markham

My sincerest condolences to Ken's wife, children and all of his family and friends. 

His passing is truly a tragedy and very sad, indeed.

Something like this is another reminder how fragile life is and how quickly it can change. 

Thank you, Doug for posting Jennifer's message.


Doug Rose

Jennifer will be looking for some help moving Ken's stuff to other collectors.

I told her the Forum was the way to go, and list them here first.....Doug


Thank You Doug for recent post.
Speaking with our oldest (13) letting him know when the REAL nice weather comes and we have days we can spend going thru Dads collection we need to take pics and share. Its emotional for him but he is full hearted knowing I shared Dads passing and let the forum know. He was touched to know people thought well of him as we did and do.  THANKS EVERYONE !! :)