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The significance of the telephone booth in movies that made world history

Started by Volker, January 05, 2023, 02:04:54 PM

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Telephone booths have often been a place of personal encounters, sometimes giving rise to interpersonal conflicts when several people wanted to use a phone booth at the same time. Depending on the temparement and mood of the interacting persons, different strategies and techniques for conflict resolution came into play, which were sometimes thematized in motion pictures. In most cases, they did not prove to be appropriate responses. Damaging phone booths has always been counterproductive:

Phone booths can also provide protection from danger. Above a certain number of birds per cubic meter in the airspace, even old-style phone booths with enclosed construction are no longer a safe place for shelter seekers:

Last but not least, phone booths were often the only way to call for help in situations of highest danger to life, if one did not dial the wrong number in the rush:

Conclusion: Most people miss phone booths.

(Sorry for some mistakes. English is not my native language)


COOL :D I like the humor. Your English is just fine. Better than some people who were born here!
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Yes, phone booths have been misappropriated as locker rooms:

When it's about nothing less than saving humanity, that's fine.


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