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Overview: The "Find of the Month" on the Classic Rotary Phones Forum

Started by AE_Collector, October 02, 2011, 08:24:19 PM

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Quote from: HarrySmith on March 06, 2015, 09:47:30 AM
I agree. Mark stated he was going to keep some and sell some. IF Mark wants to nominate one that he is keeping, why not?
I agree the find as a lot has to be disqualified but not every phone in the lot.
The only issue I would find would be how much he paid for a particular phone. I'm not sure if it would be fair to divide the lot amount by the amount paid.



This ruling was put in place because some members were posting find of the months that were sold within the month and the fact they were nominated helped them advertise the item. This placed other members at a disadvantage, and their loved items wouldn't even be considered. It is a fair rule, and must be enforced universally to be fair to everyone. No rule is perfect. It helps to keep candidates on an even keel.

There is nothing to prevent all the kept items being nominated. As far as price, I see no reason one can't say they were part of a lot of XX phones which were purchased for $XX.

So, if Mark wished to renominate those phones he is keeping, all is well. There is no question it was a great find, and one we would all envy. Congratulations, Mark on a super find!

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Dennis Markham


I call BS on that rule.

Guy finds dozens of phones for $300 and sells one and all of a sudden the whole lot is DQ'd.

If selling one is grounds for a DQing the lot, then keeping one is grounds for re-instatement.

Here's one for you all. Lets say a guy buys a phone and sell off the cords, or better still swaps the handset. According to these rules he did not keep the whole phone, so he's DQ.


I just want to throw in my two cents. I personally didn't enter this contest and not be be rude but I couldn't care less about it. If everyone is arguing on my behalf , thank you but not necessary.  If you are arguing over the rules, then have  at it. I purchased the phones for two reasons,  to make some money and to get a couple keepers basically for free . I enjoy this site , just don't want to see people getting upset with each other over something that doesn't matter to me. :D

Russ Kirk

You're very humble Mark.

Let's not take away from the fantastic find Mark made. This is perhaps a once in lifetime find, maybe several lifetimes.

I do not think anyone is upset and I am glad you are not upset Mark. We all have good points and settling this will enable us to determine what to do if someone else has a similar great find.

Yes this supposed to be fun and it is still is a fun contest with the winner having bragging rights for the month, maybe for the year.  Many had good points..

I suggest if Mark want to re-nominate the collection -as is - he should be able to.  I do like the point that someone else nominated his find.  One rule change I suggest, the nomination should only come  from the owner. Others can encourage the owner to nominate himself but not do it for him. That would have eliminated all this discussion.
- Russ Kirk

Dennis Markham

First of all, Mark that was a great find that you have there, congratulations.  You took the high road with your post, Mark and I appreciate that. 

There has been some discussions between a couple of the moderators and myself since this thread began.  Over the years criterion had been established regarding the find of the month.  I don't like to say "rules" but some guidelines.  I think we should re-visit those guidelines so that everyone feels better about future nominations for this award that serve to give bragging rights to the person that is voted as having the Find of the Month, Year, whatever.  Like the old saying can please some of the people some of the time but you can't please all of the people all of the time...(paraphrasing) but I think we should try and do that...please everyone, if possible.

So I am all for revising our criterion for these awards.  I would like to have Terry's (AE_Collector) input on the issue.  When Terry returns from his vacation we can have a public discussion about it and then ultimately the moderators and I will come up with guidelines.  We want to keep it simple.  As Doug has so aptly put it in the past....It's a hobby, it's supposed to be fun. 

So for now, let's move forward as is until we can revisit the issue once and for all.


I think Mark would be a shoe-in anyway so why not just have the contest without his phones?  That way it'll be interesting.  Remember, there are no actual prizes awarded!  I'm sure Mark will be able to console himself for the disqualification by polishing (and listing) his cache of colored 302s!
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We've spared no expense hiring John to move all the "Find of the Month" and "Find if the YEAR" winners pictures from the old Photo Bucket location directly onto the CRPF forum. Then he merged them into the existing Winners list so you can see who won each contest and see a picture of the winning phone all in the same place. Then he made the winners list clickable so that it will take you directly to the associated pictures and probably some other Computer Geek stuff that I will never figure out.

Excellent job John, I think we will renew your contract for 2017 after all.

Click here to check it out:


WOW! Thank you for all the work.
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Quote from: Russ Kirk on October 31, 2014, 11:49:19 AM
What if my wife finds one and gives it to me?  Does it still count?

I think you should disclose how much your wife paid for it, and that would cover it.  The rule was meant for members who were receiving items on occasions such as Christmas or birthdays.  For example, a  recipient asked for an item and the gifter paid a substantial sum for the item, but the item was presented as a free "gift" because the member hadn't actually paid for it.  Now if someone at wok knew you collected phones, and gave you an old phone they had in their basement, I believe that phone would be eligible. 
Greg Sargeant
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Jim Stettler

Call it a gift with cost paid is good practice. If someone gave it to you because you collect telephones  and they had it kicking around, then it is "Free"or "Lunch", or "beer" ect.

Jim S.
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<Split out of the February 2017 Find of the Month topic>

Well, I'm going to play the bad guy by saying, in the past, we have requested a member buying a collection of stuff to pick out the one phone to be nominated for the Find of the Month. This occurred in January 2015 when a group of phones was purchased and nominated. That group was paired down to one phone on advice of AE_Collector to not only win the Find of the Month but to also go on and come in second place for Find of the Year.

Prior to January 2015, that there were six winning nominations for 2 or 3 phones, one for a lot of partial phones (parts phones) and one for a box of junk since the forum began.

The rules at the top of each months now state:


The "Find of the Month" contest is focused on the collection of telephones rather than on their sale for a profit. To be eligible for the "Find of the Month" contest:

- The finder must have personally acquired and actually own the item.
- The item can be acquired for free but it can not be a gift or present from anyone.
- The item (or any of its components) cannot be put up for sale during the contest period.
- Only one "Find" per owner can be in a "Find of the Month" contest.

A Nomination Should Include:

1) where and/or how the item was found.
2) the price & shipping cost.
3) the forum link to the topic discussing the find.
4) the eBay link if won there.
5) and other information of importance about the find.
6) one or two pictures of the item.


All reference to items (plural) was removed and over the past two full years now, more than one complete phone or phone item has not won. There have been a few multiple complete phone nominations that slipped by but did not win in the end. Those were oversights by a moderator.

Except for the box of junk that won in April 2011, all of the nominations have been for complete phones or phone items. There are several reasons for this one item rule. First, a find of the month is something to be restored and displayed with pride in the members collection of phones and phone items.

To that point, the very first line of each months Find topic starts with "A "Find of the Month" is a telephone or a related item that you acquired during the month that you are particularly excited about either because of its rarity, the difficulty you had in trying to find it for your collection or the exceptional "deal" that you got on it." Again, it says item, not items.

There was a lot of discussion about the Find of the Month rules 3 or so years ago and it was during that period that input was taken from any member who wanted to share their ideas in adjusting the rules to fit the intent of the topic. Words were chosen carefully to keep the Find topic on a narrow track, a track consistent with the intent of the Find of the Month topic overall.

As such, without going through a discussion of that discussion or even thinking of amending the rules now, I do believe this nomination of 2 boxes of phone parts does not qualify for a nomination.

If anyone else want to comment, please feel free to do so.

Number, please!

I agree with the ONE ITEM rules/guidelines.  Dig into that sea of phones and come up with a gem!


I think we should split this hoard of phones out to its own topic and then persuade jrs1958 to post more pictures of what he has there. Those colored key sets will be quite interesting to see. Are there more housings there than phones to put them on?

Then one of these should come back here to the Find of the Month for February!

Meanwhile, we need some contestants for February!