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Discoloration in finish WE-500

Started by EbayJay, February 21, 2013, 10:04:54 AM

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Has anyone seen this before? As I am wet-sanding this receiver, and I am getting a spot of different color. The spot grows as I sand, as if there is a different finish color layer below...? Any explanation? Thx.


Your handset might be painted. Look inside and look at the color


Yea, that was my first thought, but the inside matches the outside....  ???


They can be painted the same color. I'm doing a turquoise one right now that did the same to me. I've had to sand it all away and it takes FOREVER. I've also sent it on a white one and black one I've had.


I've seen that on wall phones.  Handset is painted the same color because it was faded but the paint is wearing off from the cradle.


Oh boy... sounds like I'd better get sanding! Uggggh... Thanks, guys.


I sanded a WE phone once and got what appeared to be a hair sized discoloration in the plastic. The more I sanded the more it seemed to show so I left it. It was not a painted handset it looked more like an unmixed swirl of color, or lack of.
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