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Square Button ITT replacement dial plate

Started by markosjal, March 22, 2023, 03:25:59 AM

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So I had this NOS ITT "Trendline II" that the number plate had deteriorated. It was actually made of like a foil covered card

I found that I could take a WE Trimline (square button) aluminum number plate that I trimmed down some to fit the ITT

See pics

Modified ITT vs WE handsets
Original ITT number card vs WE Aluminum number plate
Phat Phantom's phreaking phone phettish


I never noticed that they weren't quite the same.  Good work.



There is a difference between the two handsets in terms of the number of holes in the cover of the handset (where the transmitter is) and in terms of the number plate. The WE quality is much better.


I had noticed that the shape on the ITT sets, especially later ones, isn't the same as a genuine Bell Trimline, nice to see a pic side by side. Guessing that ITT and Stromberg got the license to the general design but had to make their own molds and tooling for their clone phones (along with a clone name)

Didn't know that ITT used a cheaper layered faceplate instead of the full aluminum one like WECo though