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Started by Doug Rose, February 08, 2010, 12:48:55 PM

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OK, here's mine. Haf is short for Haflinger (the horse), my sreen name as long as I can think and my real life moniker too. If you call me I will defenitely respond to both, my real name and my moniker.




This is my 1st post here. WooHoo. My username has been my nickname for the past 30 years. Someone gave it to me in high school and it stuck. I used it for my DJ name back when I was in College Radio. Captain is an honorary title and term of endearment. Roosh is a derivation and shortening of my last name. Many people call me Capt. or Roosh. Once in college a friend called me by my given name John another DJ was nearby and said "John? That's your real name?!" I said "Yeah! What did you think when I was born my mother named me Captain?" He said "Yeah!" Anyway been using it ever since.
Capt. Roosh.
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Welcome John. Please post to our "introduction" board and tell us about yourself & your phones.
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Kellogg Kitt

I am changing mine right now.

I am not very creative or imaginative, so my identities on the Internet usually are my initials and random digits. That is how I ended up with w2538; it was next on my list to use.  I was not satisfied with that, and after reading through this entire thread, I had a brainstorm and was inspired to change mine.

I will now be known as 3463319.  This was my grandmother's telephone number (disconnected long ago).  I seems appropriate because her house is where my interest in telephones first began.  I will post that story sometime.

I will keep my avatar as my turquoise Kellogg 500, because it is one of my favorites.

As suggested earlier in this thread, I added my real name to my signature line.  It seems friendlier that way.  I am wary of showing my full name on the Internet, though.  Probably no harm would come from it, but I am somewhat of an introvert and maybe do not want the publicity, lol.


I like some, have just found this thread, my moniker is not anything challenging to figure out.
I like to keep it simple, besides if I made it any more complicated I'd forget what it meant.
"RDP", that's my initials, Ron etc. etc. and the "ipes" together with the "RDP" is the small company
I had making hand made smoking pipes for the past near ten years until I closed the doors in
February this year. That's another story on its own. Been using it for that long so why change it now?
Besides it's like changing your mailing address or email, ya have to tell everyone or they wont be able
to find ya anymore, of course after some thought, that might be a GOOD idea.

Kellogg Kitt

I am changing mine one more time, and I think this will be the last time.  I had a difficult time thinking of anything, but I have finally found one I like.

As a starting point, I thought, I could be "Kellogg Griffin," since that is my avatar picture, but "Griffin" could be someone's name, so I needed something different.  Part of the griffin's body is a lion, so how about "Kellogg Lion"?  That seems silly, but maybe "Kellogg Cat" would work?  Or even better, "Kellogg Kat."  I almost liked it, but  it made something better pop into my mind:

Kellogg Kitt!

What does that mean?  It ties a childhood memory to my present day telephone collection, many of which are Kellogg-ITT.

My earliest memory of noticing a detail on a telephone was on the beige 554 set in my grandmother's kitchen when I was about 7 or 8 years old.  It was marked "Kellogg-ITT", but I thought it said "Kellogg KITT".  I assumed that the telephone had come from the factory as a box of parts (a "kit") and that my (by that time deceased) grandfather had built it himself.  I never figured out why it was spelled with two T's, though!

By the time I became interested in telephones, quite a few years later, I noticed that the wall set in the kitchen had been replaced with an ITT 554 set, but all the 500 sets in the house were still Kellogg-ITT.  Hidden under the number card of one of those 500 sets was where I first saw the griffin logo, once I started taking these things apart.

Every one in a while, I have a little chuckle when I see a phone for sale on eBay described as "Kellogg Kitt."

Thanks for reading my little story.  Here is a picture of the "Kellogg-KITT" logo for those who are not familiar with it.



Quote from: Kellogg Kitt on June 08, 2023, 07:23:09 PM...Here is a picture of the "Kellogg-KITT" logo for those who are not familiar with it.

I had never seen the logo in that way but having read your explanation I see it now  ;)  (and easier to remember than the number).

(My forum name reason is on reply #102, which explains my Avatar too.  F.A.B.!)
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Kellogg Kitt

Quote from: FABphones on June 08, 2023, 08:09:04 PM(My forum name reason is on reply #102, which explains my Avatar too.  F.A.B.!)

I had to look up "F.A.B. - Thunderbirds are go" on Google to find out what it means and ended up watching a few clips of the show.  You have a cool user name and avatar, and very memorable.  Whenever I see the car, I know it is FABphones!