"The phone is a remarkably complex, simple device,
and very rarely ever needs repairs, once you fix them." - Dan/Panther

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Started by Doug Rose, February 08, 2010, 12:48:55 PM

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The names Bond..

call me Steve, O.K.?
If you're a long way from home,
Can't sleep at night.
Grab your telephone,
Something just ain't right.


Like Jonathan, Jorge, and a few others here, I have my first name posted in the signature section of my profile page, so it always appears at the bottom of my posts.  My user name is actually my last name, and has a nostalgic connection to phone collecting for me.  About five years after I "got hooked", I happened to meet a couple retired telephone co. workers that took me under their wing & we'd often run around together on the weekends scouring flea markets & antique malls hunting old phones.  They started calling me by my last name, as was their habit at work.  It's stuck with me, & I still use it the way they did.  Also, it's a little unique, and not easily forgotten.


OK, I fixed my profile as suggested.  This is a test.


yep, ralph, i knew the first time i saw your handle that you were fellow phone co. ;) btw you passed the "test" ;D

stephen, i always like seeing your name. our beloved & recently departed pooch was named jester :) (hope that is not offensive to you)

Doug Rose

I thought I would bring back a topic that I had created over year ago when I was a Newbie to the Forum. We have had many new members since. How about letting us know who you are and telling us something about yourself?? My Moniker is Kidphone, my name is Doug. I have been collecting telephones for over thirty years. My collection pictures are posted on the Collection Views link. Who are you? What do you collect?....Doug

Dennis Markham

Quote from: Dan/Panther on February 08, 2010, 08:27:36 PM
I tried to go into my profile and change My On screen name to my real name, and it wouldn't let me ???

I was reading through these again, (thanks to Doug bringing it up again) and saw this post from Dan/P.  If anyone WANTS to change their user name it has to be done by the Administrator.  Just the way the software is set up.  It takes a couple seconds so just e-mail me.  But Dan/P, it's too late now...we all know you as Dan/Panther!  :)

Good idea Doug to bring this up. It's interesting to see what everyone has to say.  Let's hear from those that have joined on in the past year.



OK, I'll take the bait.

I am Bill Geurts.  I don't even remotely work in the telecommunications industry, and never did.  I am an accountant in a commercial bank (gasp), and I have been an accountant for 40 years.  I did, however spend 6 years in the Air National Guard as an HF radio technician, and I have held a ham radio license for about 45 years.  I started with phones as a teen-ager when my neighbor and I strung a wire between the houses and ran our own "phone company"

On and off over the years, I have gone in and out of the collecting, but now the bug has really bitten.  It is so easy to get information now with the Internet, and so easy to get obscure items on e-Bay and other sources.  There is no comparison to the days gone by.

I joined this forum in May of 2009 when someone posted a derrogatory post in either the ATCA or TCI listserve about this fledgling forum.  They were knocking the fact that someone had posted one of the very common questions about "Why won't my phone ring?" and it took about 20 posts back and forth for someone to tell him why.  I figured it was an opportunity to share what knowledge I have, and to be honest it works both ways.  I have learned a GREAT deal here.

One thing I like about this forum is that there are no dumb questions.  Having not worked in the industry, there have been many times where I have offered an answer or solution, only to be corrected because what I was saying was wrong,  I appreciate corrections, because if nobody corrects me, I don't learn.

I have horrible skills at working with plastics and some of the detail work involved in detailing a phone.  I have done it, but that is not where my main interest lies.  I am more on the functionality and wiring, since electronics is my first love, even though I am now a relic as to my skill levels there.

-Bill G

Tom B

I simply used my forename and the initial of my surname - hence Tom Buggie. Not a common surname in the UK, though it's been around in England since some nutjob ancestor came over the English Channel with William the Conqueror in 1066, and took part in a bit of a scrap at Senlac, Hastings.  ;)
I work in local government as a Leisure Services Facilities Manager, which means I look after all buildings and hard landscaping in our parks and open spaces. I also manage 3 cemeteries and all the fun stuff associated with these areas.
I recently started collecting phones, mainly Western Electric 500's (9) a 302 and 2 5302's, though I have a SC 1543 and a 1970 SC 500 Cherry red. I'm going to start with a few GPO 706 phones if I can manage to pick them up cheap enough.
My eBay handle is getsumeigreen - I used to have a Karate club which was called Getsumei - no - michi Ryu and my fave colour is green - easy enough?

Doug Rose

thanks Bill and Tom.... I know you both, but thanks for introducing yourselves to the newer members. I have dropped my moniker Kidphone and now go by my name. Dennis made it a breeze....Doug


OK, I guess I will jump in here too. I posted an introduction when I joined:
As far as choosing a name for the forum I thought really long and hard on it, I used a chart of the stars in relation to my astrological birthday and applied an algebraic formula X=Y2(c3_h2)P. I used the computer to run this formula and it took a few hours so I gave up and just went with my name ;D
Harry Smith
ATCA 4434

"There is no try,
there is only
do or do not"


I hadn't seen this thread until Doug Rose (AKA Kidphone) started posting to it again.

I use my Handle "AE_Collector" for quite a few different things and of course it is "AE_Collector" because my main focus in phone collecting is AE Phones and equipment. I work for the Telco in the Vancouver area British Columbia Canada and have been doing so for over 35 years now. We were owned 50.1% by GTE so BC Telephone used mainly AE equipment which is why AE has always been my favorite phones. BC Telephone became Telus in 1999 so just like the name "Automatic Electric", the "British Columbia Telephone Company" now no longer exists.

I am Terry Biddlecombe, of English descent but NOT the english Jockey of the same name. When travelling through Yorkshire England once, wanting to try the real thing, Yorkshire pudding at a nice restaraunt there, I was informed of a more than 1 hour wait to get a table and reluctantly decided it would be worth the wait so I gave my name. In no time at all my wife and I were whisked in to a nice table. It was sometime later before it occured to me what had happened. In hind site, I'm sure they must have been disappointed with their tip.



I like this topic so I must add to it. 

I'm Dan (one of the many on here, it would seem).  I  became interested in phones from my love and appreciation of old television shows.  (It should be noted that I am just 32.)  I loved shows such as Petticoat Junction, Green Acres, and The Munsters (three of my favorites), and all of these series had candlestick phones in them.  (Basically, my fascination with candlestick phones started my phone "connection.")  Also, as a child, we grew up with WE 554 (and my mom still has the paperwork from Bell of PA when she purchased two 554 phones, including the stickers that stated such...although she never put them on the phones.)  It wasn't until I was a freshman in high school that we had even switched to touch-tone as the main phone in our house.  By the late 1990s, I began to think about the rotary phones that we no longer used, and I missed them. 

I purchased my first phone from Phoneco around 1998 (an AE dial candlestick, to be exact), and after discovering a little thing called eBay, the rest was history. 

My "stopthemachine" moniker comes from when I worked at the kitchen of a retirement home (which I did for 13 years--from my senior year of high school and three college degrees...).  There was a dish machine (industrial-sized, dish washer on a conveyor belt-type device), and if someone didn't take the racks out and put the items away from the back of the dish machine, it would get backed up and...basically, the racks at the end of the dishmachine would fly up into the air as would whatever was in them--dishes, cups, etc. would break and create a big mess.  Before this would happen, you would hear the classic, "STOP THE MACHINE!!!"--so that someone would turn the machine off.  If not, chaos would ensue.  I began to use this for email purposes too.  It's funny because everyone always thinks it is a reference to the band "Rage Against the Machine," but it's not.  While I worked there, I took classes and also worked as a substitute teacher, so I was certainly busy those days. 

Currently, I'm a substitute teacher, but I have had interim and long-term assignments teaching English in 8th, 9th, and probably again for 10th grade in about a week or so (maternity-leave teacher).  It's a tough job, but I love it.  One day soon, I hope to get a contract, but until then, I'm taking classes for additional certifications (reading specialist and special education). 

I do have a shortcoming to phones though.  I wish someone would write a book called "Telephone Repair for Dummies" because as knowledgeable about phones as I like to think I am, I am not the most technical person when it comes to doing medium or major phone repairs.  I can just do very basic stuff.  (Hey, I'll admit it, but I would like to learn, just the same.)  I can usually spot, though, when a phone is missing internal parts and such though. 

I have not narrowed down an area of telephony where I feel I need to focus.  Although many people are strict Western Electric collectors, others collect primarily Automatic Electric phones, etc., I can say that I enjoy all the niceties that each company provided to phone fans.  With that being said though, I am quite proud of my Stromberg-Carlson collection.  I picked up many of my 1543 series more than five years ago, and I am still looking for two colors (brown and light gray) of the desk set.  (Many have the early bakelite handsets too!)  I also love my candlesticks:  I can honestly say that I have each brand's dial candlesticks: SC (three of them), AE (two), WE (two), Kellogg (one).  (Side note: did any other American company make dial candlesticks?  I've been meaning to ask the experts about that.)

I am always happy to chat phones so say hi anytime--private message, AIM, and so forth.  Sorry for the novel, but I figured if I were going to do this, I would do it right.  Haha.  I have greatly enjoyed this board since first finding it.  Everyone's ideas and suggestions have been quite useful. 



Quote from: ae_collector on March 06, 2011, 02:38:51 AM

I am Terry Biddlecombe, of English descent but NOT the english Jockey of the same name. When travelling through Yorkshire England once, wanting to try the real thing, Yorkshire pudding at a nice restaraunt there, I was informed of a more than 1 hour wait to get a table and reluctantly decided it would be worth the wait so I gave my name. In no time at all my wife and I were whisked in to a nice table. It was sometime later before it occured to me what had happened. In hind site, I'm sure they must have been disappointed with their tip.


I guess Terry introduced himself, so I guess I should. Terry has been a great help to my collection over the years and is a man with an incredible amount of Knowledge about AE and phones in general and has always been kind and generous to me.

My name is Dave Hunter, am nearing retirement with Canada Post, and for the past decade have been running the Telephone Museum of Prince Edward Island on the opposite coast of Canada..

But way back to the beginning. I grew up in Brockville, Ontario - the home of Automatic Electric in Canada. I grew up to know both the old Phillips Electrical Works plant, and the GTE-Automatic Plant on Strowger Blvd. which replaced it in 1953. Growing up there began a lifelong interest in phones, as close to 1/4 of the families in Brockville had at least one of their members working at the plant.

I have been picking up the odd phone since I was young, and some years ago, when my parents moved out of their house in front of mine into a nursing home, we moved into their bigger house. I had phones in all the buildings over the property, and had always wanted to share them with others, so began the museum in the house we had moved out of.

Visitors are always welcome April to November, (even longer in a mild year), and there is never a charge for admission. I do however, require them to contact me first so we can arrange a suitable time and day for their visit, as I still work.

Terry convinced me to join the forum. We live on opposite sides of Canada, and though we have never met face to face, I would like to think we have become good friends over the years!
The Telephone Museum of Prince Edward Island:
Free Admission - Call (902) 651-2762 to arrange a visit!
C*NET 1-651-0001


I always sign my posts with my first name which is Remco, a very old Dutch name. My last name is Enthoven which is derived from the Dutch town Eindhoven.

My handle teka-bb is an abbreviation, used by Dutch PTT, to describe a certain PABX.
It was partly derived from German; teka stands for Telefon Klein Automat.


Remco, JKL Museum of Telephony Curator

JKL Museum of Telephony:
TCI Library:


I used my real initials, this time. Why didn't I spell my name out? I reckon cause I just like to be a bit private until I feel as though I haven't a need to.
Some of you already know my Christian name by my choice weather you wanted to or not but, it was MY choice.
That and I'm a fugitive in 39 states. But don't bother turning me in, you couldn't buy a pack of Camels with the reward money.