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Started by Doug Rose, February 08, 2010, 12:48:55 PM

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Foots story of his nickname and his friends use of nicknames is pretty much how my family has worked as well.  Even though we are in California, not exactly known for it's use of nicknames, my families strong southern US roots show a lot of the time, and names are one of them.  Most of my family is in Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Mississippi.  My uncle Sammy in Vicksburg, an elderly man, has perhaps the worlds most fascinating accent.  (Sammy's not his real name, and I'm not sure what his real name is come to think of it)


Up in the Northern part of Cal, nicknames are not real common, I agree, but down South, The gangs use Nicknames very regularly, in fact like Foots says, many people you know by their nickname and don't know their real name.
I have several acquaintances in Mexican gangs, and my Street Nickname is Wizard or Wiz, because I always come up with these techy sort of gadgets.

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Hi, I'm Tom D. Nakielski, Jr.  Many of you already know that :)  I just used a handle because most people do.  I have 2 I use online. This one and Captain Pabst (I'm an avid Pabst Collector as well) And on one site I use Caprice Estate (My prized old station wagon)

I have a lot of nicknames.  My friends often call me "sixties" for my style and old-fashioned ways.

At work they call me the gentle giant, Johnny Cash, Conway, Rhinestone Cowboy and Tommy Boy.

They're also big on Nicknames in my family. I'm simply "Junior", my grandpa's Diamond Mike (he is the originator of bling), my uncle Mike is Mix (friend with a speech impediment) Um, there's Crash, Red Dawg, Carcass and I'm sure I'm missing some.  But I digress.........You can call me anything you want, just don't call me late for dinner!
- Tom


Well I did use part of my name in my handle. ;D


Hi I am Dag Ståle Karlsen and use dsk.

A loooong foreign name, obviously hard to pronounce for many :)

Feels it more or less frightening enough with my not so good English, if you shouldn't have an impossible name to deal with too.

It is even possible to translate: Dag= day, Ståle = Steel, and Karlsen= son of Charles (Charlesson???)

dsk is quick and easy, and I'll guess it gives me a kind of identity too??

I have much more problem with seeing people on different forums with different id's.

The username dsk was not free, so I got d_s_k



Cool name Dag. I have often wondered how to pronounce that "a" with the little circle above it.
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Greg G.

Quote from: Craig T on February 08, 2010, 02:34:32 PM
I use my real name - Craig, most my friends just call me " T "

I like your list, it's where I find most of my phones and other great stuff.   ;)
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Greg G.

Quote from: bwanna on February 09, 2010, 08:04:14 AM
well this is fun! getting behind the nicknames. i was always most curious about "foots".

i have been known as "bwanna" for more than 20yrs. i used to take care of my friends little guy while she worked. he loved the "name game" song. you know the one where you put different letters at the beginning of someone's name. well he thot bwanna was hilarious & called me that all the time. everybody else picked it up from there.

d/p, i believe you are right. so, in that respect the name is fitting, too, as i am very bossy.

i do sign my real name at the bottom of my posts.
The idea that a four-year degree is the only path to worthwhile knowledge is insane.
- Mike Row


Quote from: foots on February 23, 2010, 03:26:51 AM
Cool name Dag. I have often wondered how to pronounce that "a" with the little circle above it.

We have 3 special letters added on your alphabet: Æ Ø Å  (æ ø å) written as AE OE or AA when used where the ÆØÅ's not available.  
We use to pronounce all the letter sightly different from you, and e.g. I will almost always be as the i in "him" The u will be as in you  The O as o in zoo, then the Å will be almost as o in show, but it may be a looong sound  as in "looong" :)  The Æ would be quite near the a in have or bad.  (if I didn't know, I could have spelled have: hæv, and how håv. (v and w sounds equal, so we don't use w much) The Ø is written as Ö in some other countries, and are pronounced near the u in suddenly, or the u in sudden. W, q and z is not used in words with Norwegian orgin.



I used my real name:  Jeremy Livingston

But in other venues I keep different "identities".  Not that I mean to decieve anyone, but that I like to keep things seperate.  I don't like people I play computer games with looking me up on facebook.  I've always had different nicknames starting back when I was in the Navy.  Livingston was quickly shortened to "Stone", and then is just became "Rock", which then became "J-Rock".  I was called J-Rock for the longest by almost everyone.  But the navy days are past and here I am just Jeremy again.     ;D
Jeremy Livingston




Quote from: Phonesrfun on February 23, 2010, 08:48:21 PM

Grrr.  I even remember that one.  My two sisters used to run around the house singing that when they weren't talking in pig latin!

-Bill Geurts
-Bill G

Greg G.

The idea that a four-year degree is the only path to worthwhile knowledge is insane.
- Mike Row


My handle is my old employee ID from work.  It was probably a dumb thing to use, but now that I don't work for AT&T anymore, it makes no difference.  Donna/bwanna knows what I'm talking about, and probably thinks I was crazy to use my company ID anywhere but the workplace.  I just found it easier than to come up with something else.  I was using "rp2813" all day long at work, so why make myself remember a different one?

I'll try to sign my posts with "Ralph" going forward.  It's been hit and miss with me, I know.


Ralph, if you click Profile at the top of the screen and under Modify Profile at the left, click Forum Profile Information and scroll down to Signature, you can put your name there and it will appear at the bottom of each post. Some have done that, including me. It's a lot easier than remembering to sign your name.

My handle is my username at work and like you, I type it over and over each day and it's just second nature to me.