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Under Dog:
How do I go about finding out what an old telephone number was? 

My mother recalls that my grandfather kept their only phone, a black 302, on the meat counter in the grocery store he owned. They lived over it in a small apartment, and he kept it in the store so that he wouldn't have to answer it after hours and open up the store for people when they called.  She recalls the number was "79", but nothing else.  We are guessing they moved into the apartment in '48 and that the phone was acquired between '50-'53.  I'm hoping to chase down what would have been the original "dial card" (is that the proper term) and put the original phone number on it.  The phone was located in Delano, Minnesota, about 30 miles west of Minneapolis.

Where/how do I start? 

I would start with any old documentation you may have of your grandfather's...I found an old phone number on a photo-finishing envelope that had my parent's first phone number written on it from the 1950s.  Any old sales receipts, mortgage papers, etc.  You could see if the library has any old telephone books...or if you find someone that has one, you could ask them to look it up.  Here's my grandparents actual number card from 1949 they had on their 302.  It is the old style with a separate acetate that has the "new" area code above it.


There's a picture of the inside of a grocery store in Delano c. 1935:

Under Dog:
WHOA!!!!  8)

The corner building (left side) of the first two photos was my grandfather's grocery store!  Up above were apartments, where I remember them living when I was still little (6 or under).  I've got to show those to my mom, who grew up in that building!  I wonder if she'd recognize the picture showing the inside of the store?  If they were still around, I'd bet my grandparents may even know some of the folks in the photos!

You can just make out a doorway on the right side of the store.  That led to an enclosed stairway that went up to the apartments above.  There used to be an old wooden bannister/railing in there.  When it was time to replace, my grandfather turned some of the bannisters into table lamps.  I now have those in my living room!!!

I'm not sure we'll be able to find any of their old paperwork.  My grandfather passed about 18 years ago.  My grandmother about 6...
Try to communicate with the historical site that popular 1 provided the link to. They may answer your question directly or refer you to a source.



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