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W.E. selector switch #162

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so, a ringing voltage won't trigger this coil?  ok, then heres the next question.... what went here??


--- Quote from: Babybearjs on January 10, 2015, 04:37:51 PM ---so, a ringing voltage won't trigger this coil?  ok, then heres the next question.... what went here??

--- End quote ---
It's not the voltage level that triggers the selection, but a code sequence, much like dial pulses from a rotary dial, but generated with a multi-lever device.

I don't know what went there... You need to study that circuit diagram and decide if anything is actually missing.  Perhaps this was by design for a certain application, perhaps it was a quick fix by someone...
You could also remove the 60AP and use it to build another waystation with WECo parts.

Here is a great site about railroad signaling and telephone systems:

He has a similar 162R selector box:

the schematic on mine was hard to decipher but I finally understood it. the blank space was for a capictor the was for the model S relay box. it took me while to figure it out... the schematic was hard to understand. so the pulses where more like morse code? instead of a regular ring pulse. I'll have to tinker with this unit  and see exactly what it can do....  the link to the website is neat. railroading is something I used to do as a kid....HO railroading.....model railroading has really gotten expensive as some of the stuff I used to have aren't even available anymore. When I lost my home on 2010, I gave my nephew all my HO scale train stuff so he could set it up for Christmas... if he even remembers he has it.....anyway, thank you for the link! its interesting.

Jim Stettler:
I have a selector similar to this , mine  was used for a car phone. This was from the days of radio-telephony. I think the car selector is different than the railroad selector (different operating voltage) , however the operating principles are very similar.
 I assume the car selector is 12 VDC.
Jim S.


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