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Yes, the older ones.  The KX-TA's might have more features, however.  I have not researced them.


--- Quote from: j.bridwell on February 04, 2010, 11:20:51 PM ---I've searched and read the various posts regarding PBXs, but would appreciate any suggestions for the most compact and modern PBX that would allow me to use my dial phones regardless of what the VoIP provider decides to do in the future.  The house has eight phone lines terminating in the closet.

--- End quote ---

Forget compact and modern, go BIG and get a REAL PABX.

Might I suggest this Hitachi GTX400. This one will run 400 of your favorite rotary phones and should support 100 trunks just incase you have lots of traffic. Your existing electrical service in your house should handle it but you may have to limit use of things like the clothes dryer, stove and heating.

The best news...I know where this one is and it is ready to be picked up and moved to your telephone panel in the laundry room.


Very nice Terry. I guess you already have a similar one at home.    ;D ;D ;D


--- Quote from: JorgeAmely on April 14, 2010, 08:16:44 PM ---Very nice Terry. I guess you already have a similar one at home.    ;D ;D ;D

--- End quote ---

Uuuhhh....noooo. I have briefly considered the possibility of taking just one of the three cabinets as it will do 100 stations with trunks in a single cabinet. Then I wondered if it could have 2 line frames and common control put in a single cabinet so that it could be a 200 station intercom unit. If so, I would think that a couple of trunk units could be jammed into the common control frame so that it could access outside dial tone on a limited basis.

In the end, I still don't know just where I would put it nor do I know how I would move it. I think a fair bit of room would be cleared up in our house soon after it arrived though (once my wife left).

Sooo, I just go visit it every once in awhile. You should hear one of these things operating. I miss that!


I'd have to put it a custom built shed!


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