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How many area codes are there in thre United States /

I'd like to get a collection of one of each. seems there can't be more than 999 ?


Try counting them here ;D

Here's the 1947 list of area codes:

It'll be much easier than trying to find one from each of the modern codes, almost all of which are no more than twenty or so years old

The great swami is now donning his swami-type hat:  I predict that in the not-too-distant future, area codes, or exchanges, or numbers will increase by one digit.  Thus spake I.

Seriously, I've always said that the are code increase was done in the most stupid manner possible.  I've always thought that instead of dividing states into tiny area code regions, they should have kept the state-wide area code idea, but just add more.  I know that sounded confusing but here's what I'm saying:  There should be one area code for standard wired-to-the-wall telephone service, both residential and commercial.  Then a second area code covering the whole state for cell phones.  Another for fax machines, a fourth for modems, etc. 

Doing that would eliminate the need to dial an increasingly ridiculous number of digits when you're calling next door.  It would also let you know what type of phone you're calling, by looking at the area code, which would be keyed to the type of service, rather than the geographical area.

I should patent that idea and then make everybody switch.

Why is this world so obsessed with NOT starting a numbering system at the number 1. Even Television starts with 2.
I can understand The Television thing, we are Number 1 in television. But the rest give us a break.

I recently called the phone company to add call blocking because of an offshore number that keeps calling, when I get the thing added, I go to block the number, and you guessed it. " The number you have selected can not be blocked by this system, it may be a business or a private number.

Back to my story, the Operator asks me for my account number, and says it's listed at the top of my bill. O.K. there it is, it's an 18 yes 18 digit number I have to repeat for her. I asked her, excuse me, am I missing something here, why don't you just use my phone number for my account number, it's the only one like it on the planet. She laughed, and said; "Sir I just work here".



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