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links for some popular parts suppliers:

http://www.phonecoinc.com/                    lots of parts & phones
http://navysalvage.com/                           surplus parts & dial repair
http://www.houseoftelephones.com/       cords & phone stuff

Dont forget www.oldphoneworks.com!!! mike brown has been getting my business! His site is a godsend! I've actually been able to restore a number of phones to there original specifications and he's the only one who has cloth cords! (at least i think so....)    john

My hat also goes off to oldphoneworks.  Mike has answered many questions for me and I've purchased many items from him, especially cables.

House of telephones was sold by Odis Levrier to OPW a couple of years ago.  Odis was getting on in years.

I believe you will find that the link for house of telephones redirects to OPW.  OPW, I think, has retained the brand name.


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