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Leich 40 / 80 PABX Turret

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Hi ,
     I am trying to get a wiring diagram for this PABX . This PABX has been hot wired to work on one switch . Any info would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks,  stub

I don't have any info on it for you but it is pretty cool looking! I'm sure with some time and patience you could trace it out, does'nt look too complicated :)

           I may not live that long!!!!!!!!! It has some wires cut , the dial is disconnected from the PABX and hotwired to the 183 network to switch # 2. It will dial out and answer but I would like to make use of the rest of the PABX for some of the non- dial phones I have, if that is possible.   stub

Hi Ken (& Harry):

This is a turret for a Leich Electric model 40 or 80 automatic PABX so I am not certain how you are wanting to make it work for other phones. The equipment cabinet for this is about 4 feet wide, 5 feet tall and 16" deep.

This does very little on its own as every single switch contact and light gets wired off of the PABX cabinet with a 75 to 100 pair cable. There was a busy lamp field available as well that would sit up on the top of it but it doesn't look as though you have that piece?

The keysender portion (push buttons 1 - 0 ) was how the operator transferred calls within the PABX making it much quicker to put calls through than if she had to dial them. The dial was for dialling on the trunks to the CO if the operator were setting up a call for someone on a trunk but the stations were all capable of dialing outside themselves as long as they were equipped with dials.

Without studying your pictures too closely I'm guessing that someone has modifed it to be a single line phone at present? Has the network definitely been added to it as it may have been equiped with a network initially.

Is this the one that was recently on ebaY from "lincolntel"?


          Thanks ,I don't think I'll be putting in the rest of this PABX , not enought room for the rest of equipment !!!!As is though, I can make a 14 line key set out of it. The network is original to this set. This one came from    jeff0080


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