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Leich 40 / 80 PABX Turret

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In 1972 I went to work for a company in Gresham, OR, which was on GTE.  That is the same model "switchboard" console that the receptionist used at our office.  The General Tel guy that did all the maitenance called the actual PBX cabinet which was located out in the warehouse the "Leich Box", although he always pronounced Leich as "Leech", even though we know different.

Most of the phones in the office were AE 80's, but the General Manager and his secretary had 6-button AE keysets, because they wanted everyone to know they were special people.

It was a basic system with the ability to dial 9 for the outside line, flashing the hookswitch to transfer a call, and the ability to call another extension by dialing the extension number.  I think you could even do simple conference calls.


--- Quote from: stub1953 on December 27, 2010, 06:36:57 PM ---As is though, I can make a 14 line key set out of it.

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Without too much trouble, you could make a simple manual PBX out of this.  The top row of toggle switches could be wired to select an extension on each switch between either talking to the console (center position) or one of two trunks (up or down).  The numbered buttons could very easily be wired to an older-style touch-tone pad.  If you want signaling to and from the extensions, though, you'd have to add some simple relay logic.

masstel ,
              That's just a little over my head, not a switcher !  I really don't like to chop something up . I think I'll just clean off the gray paint and leave it as for now.    Thanks,   stub

Bill -  I'll keep you in mind , when I get tired of looking at this PABX .    stub


What ever became of this project? Are you waiting for a rainy day still? It is possible that I might have some paperwork on these. Was cleaning up boxes of paperwork around here recently and I do have some Leich PABX paperwork.



I believe some pabx Leich documents were recently uploaded to the TCI list but I am not sure if they include your console. It seems as if there are a number TCI list members that are active switchers so you may be able to get more information from them.


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