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Intercoms--Suggestions Appreciated!

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Doug Rose:
I have a Panasonic 616 working on default programming (I just pulled the battery strap). 16 intercom extensions that can have up to 4 phones on them. Rings on incoming calls and you can dial ext to ext internally.  I get to show off phones working in my phone room to visitors. The best part is I have phones working of off it in my house and use three ports on my test bench. I have a Comcast Digital line hanging off of this and it works like a champ. The 616 is the BEST investment in phones you will ever make....Doug

The 616 is just to hang on the wall, and has 6 telephone jacks for lines to the central office, and 16 jacks for local telephones. Just plug and play.
If you want to change the parameters you will need a special Panasonic telephone for programming. Default should work OK.


And yes, it works with TouchTone and rotary, both.

Being the local Asterisk geek I'd just like to remind everybody that, while I know the originator of this thread said he wasn't technically savvy, if you know anything at all about computers, you can set up a PBX using the free Asterisk software and any old PC you happen to have laying around.  Then boxes that you plug your phones into (ATAs) that connect with the Asterisk system over a computer network are only about $50 each for two separate phones.

If you have an Asterisk system you can do cool things like being able to set up a phone to ring by dialing your full childhood telephone number, and lots more.

If anyone would like to talk about or needs help with Asterisk, please feel free to send me a private message.

Greg G.:

--- Quote from: stopthemachine on January 14, 2011, 10:06:49 AM ---I think that this Panasonic PBX in the basement sounds like a great idea.  I hope it's not too technical because I surely am not. P.S.-I wouldn't be able to tap the PBX into the landline, would I?  If not, it's really not a big deal at all. 

--- End quote ---

I have mine rigged to my land line.  You can still use it as an intercom by just dialing the extension number.  The signal is different when dialing the extension # on mine, two short rings instead of one long ring.  Here's an example of how mine works, I use a Panasonic 308.  You can hear me dial the two-digit extension.

I just ran a mod-to-mod cord from the nearest jack to Com 1, then plugged the phones into the extension jacks on the PBX.  Kinda cool the way they all ring in numerical sequence with each signal sent.  You could hook a few up, call your land line from your cell, then see if you can make it from one end of the house to the other before the farthest phone finishes ringing!  My place isn't big enough for that, but my goal is to find 5 phones that have the right pitch so that they play the Close Encounters tune!


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