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This is to be informative for all members so please do not think it is directed strictly at you.

When looking for manuals and other information, sometimes it helps to give complete information such as who the manufacturer was. Many of us have vast archives of documentation is it helps us when searching through stacks and stacks of documents.

Also, you mentioned that you found another active link to telephone manuals.

Whenever you find something of use to other collectors it would be nice to let them know; in this case I am sure that others would be appreciative if you posted it.


Mr. Bones:

--- Quote from: Phonesrfun on December 21, 2013, 02:36:14 PM ---Come to think of it, I have never seen a user's manual for one of these.  Anyone know of one?

--- End quote ---
Bill G.,

      I'd also love to see any / all user information pamphlets, for any of the telephones made.

     I also greatly enjoy the very old dial cards that instruct a neophyte how to operate the dial mechanism... makes perfect sense, since they were once new and strange to most folks, especially in non-urban areas.

     I think the majority of the user's manual is contained right there in the center of the dial. Granted, the ringer adjustment sheet would be a boon, as well.

     Chimps would have it figured in 30 seconds or less, but not Homo sapiens sapiens; we need instructions, diagrams with circles and arrows, and tech support 1-800 numbers lol!!!

     Look around, and you'll still notice supraorbital ridges, and even the occasional sagittal crest. They're actually less 'de-volved' than the general populace.  ;D

     These devices were conceived, manufactured, and distributed during an era when 'common sense' was not an archaic term.

Best regards!


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