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'Northwestern' 51AL?

Started by NorthernElectric, April 29, 2022, 08:48:15 PM

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I won a 51AL in an online auction from an auction house not too far away and went to pick it up today. There's a few threads on the forum discussing these Western Electric desk stands being imported into Canada and then outfitted with Northern Electric parts so I believe this is one of those.  This one has a Northern 323 transmitter, 171W receiver, and N50E dial blank.  It's in pretty good shape apart from the receiver cap which has a 1" chunk busted out of the edge.  It also has a number card holder, my 1st!

I will probably swap the receiver for a spare 143 that I have because the 171W is a DC series receiver, the same as what came on the 20-UN I got earlier this month.  I will have to check all the connections inside because if this receiver is original to the phone it's probably wired differently.  And of course, I will be adding a dial.


Nice! I redid a NE 20-B a few years ago. I'd have kept it except for the perch. Probably a lamp before I got hold of it. Not sure the pic will post. I've been off the forum for a while and have forgotten the drill (among other things).
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