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IP telephone exchange; simple solutions for us who do not have time/competence

Started by dsk, September 19, 2019, 02:29:17 PM

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Now I have been playing a little around, and I am sure: If you are able to handle Linux and Asterisk it is the most impressing software, but it is so extremely different from windows.

Then you have some closer versions ads Freepbx etc. but I did not manage to set them up to work well. Yes it is my skills, or lack of those.

I did end up with the free 3CX software, I have used an older version for some years, and now I have modernized to a Raspberry PI with 3cx software, free and pretty well described.

Still it was not extremely easy, but it works, and it has been working well for a few weeks now, at least for my use.

Could it be more easy, and still free? Yes, but not as flexible, but probably enough.  Callcentric is free, and you may have a number of telephones, you may call other people on callcentric, and on other sip addresses for free.



The system I use is FreePBX on a Raspberry Pi and it works very well. I added ATAs that support rotary dialing so I can use my collection. Enjoy


Great to hear, I do probably have the last working electromechanical PAX designed by the Norwegian designer Skancke but still I guess I will go for digitalaizing



You mention for those that have no time or the competence.
Well I have all the time in the world so, that leaves.......................


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