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Northern Electric Practices For the Centurion & Panel Type Coin Collectors

Started by Ktownphoneco, October 15, 2018, 10:02:18 AM

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Good morning all  .....  Another CRPF member recently acquired some telephone equipment which included the Northern Electric Practices for Northern's Centurion and Panel Type coin collectors.   The documents include the installation manual, and the maintenance manual for both types of sets.   The Centurion Type No's are : QSD400A1 - Dial Set and  QSD2400A1 - Touch Tone Set.     The type No's for the Panel Type Sets are : QSD300A - Dial Set and QSD2300A - Touch Tone Set.       Abbreviations : N.E.P. = Northern Electric Practices  /  N.T.P. = Northern Telecom Practices.

Centurion Sets
(1) N.E.P. 506-3241-200 date April 1974 - Manual Title : Identification & Installation
(2) N.T.P.  506-3241-500 date May 1974 - Manual Title : Maintenance & Assembly of Parts

Panel Type Sets 
(1) N.E.P. 506-3211-200 date November 1973 - Manual Title : Identification & Installation
(2) N.E.P. 506-3211-501 date October 1973 - Manual Title : Maintenance & Assembly of Parts.

All of the above practices have been sent to the TCI Library.      Have a great week !

Jeff Lamb


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