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Bonus Number Card Photos

Started by paul-f, February 02, 2014, 03:42:59 PM

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We talk about them a lot, and there are photos in several topics.  It's interesting to see them, especially when they show the same number with different exchange name or in a different format.  Let's see some more photos!

The first two photos below are a few bonus cards I found recently that rekindled my interest. The first had a card for a different extension at the same phone number!

I noticed a second card holder with a card having the same phone number, and was hoping for a second bonus card.  No such luck.  However, as I was handling the clear cover, it felt rather thick.  Turns out there were two, so I got a bonus cover.  The three extension cards will look good on a display of 440 and 460-type keysets.

The remaining photos are from previous topics.  Here are some links to past topics with bonus card photos.
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My personal favorite:

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I looked through my phone pictures and found several bonus cards. Sometimes there's another card or label stuck onto the old card and removing it reveals something less than ideal. You never know what you'll find, but chances are it's the original card that dates to when the phone was first installed.

The first one is an ivory 500 from 1954 and it had a new number and an area code (left pic) stuck to the original black masked card. Removing it carefully revealed a stained, torn and tattered card I could still make out, but it didn't do the phone justice (middle pic). So I used Photoshop and restored the card. As with all my phones, the original number stuff goes behind the old card, which is on top.

The next card also had a label carefully typed, cut and stuck onto the original Wait For Dial Tone card. The label itself was old, considering it had a FLushing 3 exchange, and it peeled off easily to reveal the original HIckory 5.

The next pic shows two cards from two 593s I got in the same box. They have unusual numbers in circles which probably indicate which party on the line they were. The WE 593s were sometimes equipped with frequency ringers installed by non-Bell telcos. One of them had a newer stick-on card with the same number on the acetate disk.

Next is a HIckory 4 card and the ANC version of the same phone number on a stick-on from the 60s.

The next pic shows a card from a painted green two-tone that had a blank card. Turning it around revealed the number all stamped, including the exchange, and some special typed information telling one and all not to use this phone.

The last pic of this set is a montage shot showing a beautiful red soft plastic 500 that belongs to a friend and the great matching red masked number card that was revealed when it was turned around.


Here are a few more bonus cards. We should all be thankful some installer or owner left the old card in the phone instead of tossing it.

First is a nice early black 554 that had the area code stuck onto the acetate disk and then a whole new phone number stuck over that. Underneath the acetate was the original black masked card and that's what I displayed on the phone.

Next is a great old GLadstone card from a very dirty yellow soft plastic phone. It had a stick-on covering the original number.

The next pic shows another stick-on that revealed a nice WAbash card when removed. Sometimes the old cards were turned around and if the phone was kept in a damp environment, the card gets a rusty spot in the center from the dial. I always put another piece of paper behind a good number card so it doesn't get a rusty spot.

Next is yet another stick-on revealing a great KEystone card with the same number.

Next is a nice GReenleaf card that had a flower picture covering it.

And last is my favorite. The yellow 554 this spooky card was on gave me the creeps. Underneath the Mr. Hyde pic was a very sedate all-number card and it doesn't have eyes that follow your every move. This phone was from California, which was no surprise.

Greg G.

I know I have a thread in here somewhere on this, but darned if I can find it, so here's the pics.  A pink 500 that had the original dial card underneath.  Not real fancy, but a bonus none-the-less.
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I know that this thread is very old I think this is the right thread to post it but on EBAY ($80 BIN) today 8/26/22 I've seen this (202) with an unusual dial card
Why do people with cell phones use "old phone" as their ring tone?

-Dave S.