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Galion 3H4 SL Diagram, N-521 Condenser diagram label

Started by RotoTech99, October 18, 2022, 01:49:54 PM

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Dear CRPF:

I'm looking for the diagrams for a North Galion 3H4, and the circuit label used on the H-521 condenser used in that set.

This would not be the H6 diagram or the diagram in BSP's for North Galion 3H4 sets.... It doesn't appear in the TCI Library.

I've seen examples of it, but haven't found a intact one to scan or get a picture of.

If the good CRPF people can find a copy of this specific diagram, I'd gladly thank them.



Is this the correct diagram?


Hi, I have found a good copy of the 3H4 Galion wiring diagram..
I'll post it now.

This is a cleaned up version that should be much more readable.