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Siemens Teamset 205

Started by Project Telephone, October 20, 2016, 04:22:28 AM

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Project Telephone


Show you today a German phone system a Siemens Teamset 205, with 3 lines and 6 telephones (use here only one). The phones need 7 wires (2x analog signal, 2xdigital signal, 2x power, 1xground). The system comes first in the 80s, and has been superseded by the Siemens Hicom 100 and later HiPath. This a are one of the first digital systemtelephones, looks like a Merlin phone system.

Have a lot of pictures for you, and hope this like you :) A view behind a rarely German phone systems, from the 80s.

1. The complete system with close box and telephone
2. The Teamset open without the box
3. Advertising for the Teamset
4. More advertising
5. The system box
6. Box detail

More pictures in the next post!


Project Telephone

The next one:

7.   The wrapplugs on the side
8.   Mainswitch in the phone system
9.   STZ Central control module
10. RNG Caller ID module
11. TE-TE GATE 1 participant with connection and door intercom assembly
12. GEB Charge module with time and dates

Project Telephone


13. KF coupling field assembly
14. TE 3-4 subscriber module
15. LE 1-3 line card for 3 lines
16. ERG supplementary group
17. TE 1-2 subscriber module

This are all pictures of the Teamset phone system, i hope it like you :) Can make more pictures please ask me :)



Thanks for the look at the Siemens Teamset 205 stystem Marco. Business phone systems always are of interest to me. I installed a few Siemens HiPath systems 10 or more years ago and I can see the evolution of the HiPath from the Teamset system.

How do the stations (telephone sets) connect to the building wiring? Was there a block for each telephone set that used similar connections to those inside the the main KSU (system cabinet)? I see you have the telephone set plugged directly on to the pins inside the KSU.

These days the need for 7 conductors to each phone seems strange but in the 80's we used an electronic key system that used 6 conductors. We called it "TIE UltraCom". It had an analog talk pair, a digital control pair and an analog intercom talk pair. Up until that time we used "RJ" type modular plugs and jacks but didn't use many of the 6 conductor versions of them.

I will move this discussion at some point to the "Switching" area likely under electronic Key Systems.



Great pictures!

My initial keyset "love" is for 1A2 phones/systems, but I've also liked the Merlin system - guess it's time to pick one up...  I believe Merlin is a "hybrid" - (digital control, but analog voice).


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