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Got a Philco Safari for 7 bucks

Started by Hill Haven Telephone Company, February 23, 2023, 09:30:33 PM

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Hill Haven Telephone Company

Ive been kind of picking up unique vintage portable TVs when i can find them.  And i Lucked out and found a Philco safari for 7 bucks. 

I dont know much about it or if its safe to fire up.  but it's sure cool as heck. 


For those like me who have a hard time finding the TV on the photo:
Apparently the picture tube is facing upwards and is viewed through a mirror (?), for better portability.

Great find, and good luck with the restoration! Capacitors are a common issue on old radio and TV sets, but you will know that.


Great find sir, hope you can get'er up and running again.



Great 1950s advert Denis.

Am impressed by the price of the Philco Safari... according to, $250 in 1958 would be $2,587.98 today.

That's fairly steep for watching TV at the beach.


I have one but the leather case has come apart