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Payphone enclosure

Started by romano75018, February 27, 2023, 09:03:39 PM

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Hi, so the payphone I am looking to remove the enclosure is officially ownerless. Could anyone help me with a step by step explanation how to remove the metal enclosure around the phone?



Do you know who in Los Angeles is removing the payphone or/and the payphone enclosure. 8)

Do you know how to remove the enclosure of a payphone?

Thank you.



Since this appears to not be an "official Bell/Western Electric" kiosk, there is likely not a specific manual available of how to install (and uninstall/disassemble) it. Instead, the best technique requires some basic experience with mechanical and maybe electrical assemblies in general. With this kind of knowledge, a person can look at the booth/kiosk front and back, and get an idea of how it was put together. The big first step is to know and understand that they typically try to hide the finishing screws (the last few installed) in the back or bottom of the cabinet and/or base. Once those are found, they can be removed and then a cover plate will come off, exposing more/bigger screws and bolts, and so on. Those first few screws to be removed may have "security heads" that need a special matching tool, but such tools are available at Harbor Freight stores as an example.

The catch here is, a person cannot reasonably teach all of this one step at a time to someone who has not done much if any "taking things apart and putting them back together"-type activities over a period of time. So, ideally, you need to either ask friends if they know mechanical stuff, or maybe find a "maker"-type club or group (there must be several of those in the L.A. area) and ask there, as a start.

And, while the mechanical stuff can hurt you or break a bone if the booth tips over, for example, the electrical stuff (specifically, wiring to light up the sign and similar) can KILL someone if it is not carefully checked and handled during the whole process. So, you need a person with mechanical -and- electrical knowledge.

I do not mean to discourage you in any way, just to say that it is not super-simple to do, especially attempting to start with -no- technical experience. So, ask around locally! You need an on-site helper. I wish you well.