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Bell enclosure I’ve not seen

Started by Westrex, August 31, 2023, 05:01:20 PM

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Hey everyone,

Spotted this on Craigslist while looking for phones in the Seattle Area. I've not seen a Bell Enclosure that looks like this, and I assume it's meant for indoor use. Does anyone know what model this enclosure this is? Also if anyone wants to buy it, it's 50 Oregon dollars (no sales tax in Oregon).



Check out the site below for helpful AE 120 information.


Looks like a standard payphone enclosure that someone has removed the two side panels from. It still has a Nortel Millennium payphone that is/was owned by Sprint. mounted on it.

Sprint installed Millenniums in train and bus stations as well as other high-traffic locations across the U.S.

To summarize, even though this enclosure may be incomplete, someone may want the payphone, though I have given away about a dozen or so of my Millenniums since there does not seem to be much market for them and those remaining in my inventory are too difficult and expensive to ship. 

Kellogg Kitt

Did you get a picture of it?  The Craigslist post has been deleted.



Another good example of why you need to put pictures in your posts. Another external link dead, now this post is useless.
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Whoops, completely forgot about posting a picture or two, sorry about that.
Check out the site below for helpful AE 120 information.