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Any HAM radio members on here?

Started by joey67, April 08, 2011, 04:33:03 PM

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Reviving an old thread. But maybe one night (Saturday or Sunday are best for me), we can try and get together with as many members as possible in a little telephone NET? 20 40 or 80 meter.

St Clair Shores, MI

Mr. Bones

Just renewed...KC0RDR here. Don't have the right rig(s) to QSO with you, much less chew the rag. Maybe that will improve, in time to come...

Thanks so very much for the offer, though. Hate to miss out...drat!


Looking for a j-38, btw. a 'daily driver', not a collection piece...
   Mr. Bones
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VY2AC, ex VE1CIT, on air since 1984, but not very often active now since my beams came through the roof during Hurricane Juan. Have a 4 band vertical only up now. Used to love SSB Dx, over 300 countries worked,

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How many of our members are still active in HAM radio? A while back Gran'pa was showing me some of his collection. Massive Aerial out in his back yard, and quite a few units on his desk, all of it not used.

I'll be honest, I don't have a clue what any of it is or how any of it works, perhaps some it of is familiar to our members here?

G'Pa has lots of old books explaining it all, maybe I should borrow one and read up.
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St Clair Shores, MI


Amateur Extra (with code) and not particularly active right now, but retiring soon, so expect to be on the HF QRP bands soon. Have a K2, TS-940 and 2m/440 Yaesu mobile (but not mounted in a car right now)


Amateur extra with code, also a QRPer from way back.


I am a "ham" also (my member name makes it clear), and I enjoy several types of operating: local FM repeaters and simplex, HF from local nets to big annual contests, and my favorite, ATV. Live two-way video is a lot of fun. There are analog and digital ATV repeaters in the Bay Area. 73 all!