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Wrist & Pocket Watches

Started by finlover, September 23, 2009, 03:33:13 PM

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Moved to a Seiko Kinetic quartz in 1998.  This watch was made in Nov of 98 and was a Christmas gift.  Nice watch, I really have enjoyed it.


Lastly is this years Christmas gift, a Seiko 5 Military Automatic.  It's modeled after the German B-Uhr watches of WW2, and is my first mechanical automatic watch.  The back is see through, also a first for me.

So there you have it, nothing special really, just ordinary watches, but they all have served me well and been fun to own.


One more watch.  This was my father's watch, it's a Timex automatic and is dated 1976.  Still works well, he liked those stretch metal bands, which is what it has.  The band says made in Hong Kong but I don't know where the watch was made.  The movement is a Model 32, which was made from 64' up.


I see you're a man who appreciates having the date available on your watch.  I am also in that club. 
- Tom


Love that Seiko 5, McHeath!  I'm a sucker for the rugged look of military watches.



I really like your taste in wrist watches.  If I had a watch like either of the ones you've posted here, I'd wear a watch a lot more often.  My wrists don't look big to me, but watches tend to look small on me, so I need something larger than average with a nice wide band.  Yours are a great size.



Thanks, Ralph!

I have a large-ish wrist at a little over 8 inches so small watches look silly on me.  Lucky for you and me, watches have been getting larger since Panerai started the trend in the late-'90s.  Ten years ago a big watch would have measured 38mm--now 44mm is the norm.  Even conservative Rolex has introduced oversized versions of some models.  It's a fact that once you own a large watch, there's no going back!


A couple of packet watches I have, I have worn them once or twice.
1925 and 1926.


Speaking of pocket watches, I got these last week.  The Illinois is supposedly from around 1912 and the Waltham from 1887.



I just discovered this area on the forum. That's a nice Bunn Special in 18 size. You are fortunate that it has the correct Gothic lettering dial.
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I own a few pocket watches but, only two worth mentioning a 1906 model 1883 Waltham pocket watch 17 jewel, grade 825, size 18, nickel case and runs perfect. Yes I know the photo shows its set to very fast but, it has been cleaned and serviced since then and now is set to where it should be and runs flawlessly. The other is one I just received today from a very very good friend. He sent me his fathers watch from WWII even after I told him not to. This time piece is in near perfect condition with its original box and fob and keeps time perfectly as well. Its a Hamilton Navigation Master G.C.T. 22 jewel, nickel case, from 1941. I am so pleased to have this watch and a friend so kind to gift me it.


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Quote from: HarrySmith on December 15, 2022, 04:08:35 PMNice watch. Congrats.

Thank you Harry, I'm very happy to have both of'em.


Quote from: Fabius on July 21, 2014, 08:11:52 PMI just discovered this area on the forum. That's a nice Bunn Special in 18 size. You are fortunate that it has the correct Gothic lettering dial.

Me too . Bunnspecial is also on Youtube ( ) I subscribed a few years ago. The only thing that I find a bit silly is hearing him burp often.


Quote from: McHeath on January 04, 2010, 08:01:17 PMHere for your edification is my entire life story of watches.  (This probably won't be the next Hollywood blockbuster)

First up is a Westclox Scotty pocket watch, I think they called them Dollar Watches.  It's dated 8/73 and I bought it at a Thrifty's when it was new.  I carried it until 1980.  It still works, but only if it lays on it's back.

I have a few  Westclox pocket watches . They don't all work. Anyway, these are watches that are not supposed to be serviceable, but many do when some have screws, but not those that have the riveted movement. But they are called (dollar watch).