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Picked up a LPB-89-55

Started by Ericl, May 19, 2022, 05:52:41 PM

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At the moment just thinking about using as wall art. The coin vault is missing, there was a key (pictured) in the vault cavity, it doesn't fit the upper housing lock so I'm assuming for the non existing vault. To hang on the wall I would need to take the cover off, attached through back plate holes, this would require a 29s key correct? The vault cover had clear packing tape holding it on, the lock and key is 20L correct? After all of my searching via the sight this is what I think is required.

Thank you


I hope you don't break it open and gut it.  I hope you leave it stock and enjoy it for what it is.



Mike, no desire to gut it, just no plans to restore at least not at the moment, the reason I posted was to confirm the key and locks 29s and 10L so I can remove the front to get access to the back in order to bolt to the wall. Is the 29s and 10L the right Key/lock combinations?