Author Topic: What is this box? (a key cabinet, part of the 100- and 101- type key equipment)  (Read 452 times)

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I got this box years ago and what it was for.

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I believe this cabinet (box) is for 100 Key only -- not 101 Key.
101 Key has a common hold key. The holding condition is "automatically released when any station picks up the line." On 100 Key, the person answering returns the key to talk position and waits for the other person to pick up. (The hold condition is not automatically released.)

The 101 Key cabinets I have seen use red and white lamp caps. However, this 1955 practice indicates that green and white were used for the 101 boxes -- green for the combined line and busy lamp, and white for the hold lamp. The line/busy lamp flashes for an incoming call and goes steady for a line in use. The white hold lamp lights for a line on hold.

The 100 Key cabinet does not have combined line and busy lamps; rather, it has amber line lamps (to indicate an incoming call) and green busy lamps (to indicate a line in use or on hold). The amber line lamp either follows the c.o. ring (2 seconds on, 4 seconds off, for example), or it remains lit until someone answers the line (in which case, a cutoff key is installed so that an unaswered call will not cause the lamp and audible signal to operate all night if the business is closed.) Edit: There is also an option that causes the ringing to stop 4 seconds after the c.o. signal stops.
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